Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Do I know my Lil Man?

Danny is great with all his procedures yesterday :). Surprisingly he came up to the room awake, I hadn't planned on seeing those baby blues till some time today. He came up to the room about 6:30pm, on a vent, with out his PCA (pain Pump). So things were a lil crazy trying to get him settled and comfy. Thankfully he has nurses that are already "seasoned" by Danny -LOL. They were/are wonderful with him. Once again it helps ease the admission when you have friendly/familiar faces that know most of Danny's Lil curve balls. Unfortunately we weren't as lucky with the RT and NP at admission/during the nite - so the nite wasn't as smooth sailing as I had hoped but all is WONDERFUL this morning. Once I saw Danny's #1 RT walk in the door I knew things were going to go better for Danny's recovery path. Jackie is AWESOME!! We LOVE her as she knows what needs to get done, she follows through, she is patient, and kind and on and on. With Danny she is His ROCK - RT is so important in Danny's world :).
The med port was placed in Danny's chest for the second procedure. The surgeon said that it was a lil trying to thread the catheter under Danny's clavicle but he was successful in getting it in the optimum spot. Go figure Danny presenting a challenge to the "new" doc. As this is the first time Danny had to be seen by a general surgeon. I know I can't believe it myself, but all the other surgeries or procedures have been done by a specialist. They haven't accessed the med port yet as they left the PICC line still's an access he already had so why pull it until we know for sure the port is going to be a good thing for Danny (ie infection or allergy reaction).... just in case we have access as they tried to get an IV in during surgery and they were not able to.
Then the ENT took a look at his ears once again. They still did not look the best especially the right side. There is still granulmona and scar tissue in the right ear. So Danny got his ears deep cleaned and new hypo allergic tubes in both ears. Once the tube was put in the right side a lot of blood started draining out of it, YUCK!
The day nurse and. Ite nurse was herd in the room when he came up from OR so Danny was tag teamed. It was a good thing as he was a Lil high maintenance once on the floor. From bleeding out of the trache, out of the ears, the wound dressing was filling up with blood, getting the PCA on the floor to get him more comfortable they had their hands full. Danny just loves getting all the attention.
The ear drainage has slowed down a lot and he is no longer bleeding out of his trache :). His incision site is still touchy and along with his blood work being a lil off this morning he might need some blood product to boost him up.
The best news is, he is OFF the VENT. Last nite was awful with Danny being on the vent as he fought it all nite causing more grief then good for him. Danny breathes so slow and shallow when sleeping the machines don't recognize it so it will steal Danny's breath away when he really is breathing...then causing the machines to alarm and on and on. We went through weeks n months of this when they wanted Danny to be on the C/Bi-pap. Once Jackie came in and saw he was on a vent she did her thing got him off the vent, in a matter of minutes and he is resting and breathing comfortably :). It's looking better for sleep tonite-wooohooo. I've been up since 2am so it's a Jammie/nap day today...visitors beware -LOL.
I feel a headache coming on.....can't imagine why? So looks like my nap time is near!

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