Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Danny's in surgery

At 3:20pm Danny went into the OR. The procedures are to run about 3 hrs. First Dr Tassone will be doing the hip, once he is finished a general surgeon will be coming in to place the med port, then the ENT will be going in to look at Danny's ears and possibly put
In new tubes. I will keep you posted
I got a phone call from "A's" school about 11:30 today. She slipped and fell in the lunch room smacking her head on the floor. UGH! She was a trooper and held out in school till about 1:30 and then I got another call she was in the office with a bad headache so Dad to the rescue he went to pick her up and take her home. Sigh - I wish I was there for her but I'm glad Dan was home so he could be there.
Never a dull moment!

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