Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Here We GO again

The talk of the 4th floor......Lil Man and his blanket. It was a HIT!Danny getting and pep talk from Dad about behaving himself ~ right before Dad had to go back homeHe grew once again! Boy he's growing up WAY TO FAST The reaction I got after I told him ... he gets to go home :) Priceless!Danny's new War wounds.....my poor Lil ManWe hit a record ... shortest stay after surgery. Danny was discharged on Saturday afternoon a whole whopping 24 hrs after surgery. I can't believe it myself! Our hold up of all things was once again getting the TPN on order and delivered to our house. They had to call in the pharmacist to make it for Danny and it was too be delivered to the house around 3:30-4:30 but it didn't arrive till 8:30pm, ugh. I was so tired I decided to wait to hook him up in the morning. We were all so happy to be home and sleeping in our own beds. Until next time couch/bed.....you will be missed, NOT! After giving report to Aleana in the morning she did her assessment and much to my surprise she stated "He had bowel sounds". Music to my ears...weird, when did bowel sounds become the highlight of my day? Needless to say we gave formula a try.....Danny ROCKS ~ he tolerated his formula so NO TPN is needed this time around. WoooooWHooooo!
The injection in his hip is working to relieve his pain so the Dr's are confident that it is indeed his hip giving him all the grief. I totally understand the reasoning of the Dr's wanting to confirm the unknown for before such a big surgery, but I was totally confident of where/what the source of Danny's pain was and I just wanted to get it taken care of during the last stay and then he'd be done. Now with that being said.................next surgery is scheduled for April 19th at noon. Once again there will be a few things getting done while he is under anesthetic.
The orthopedic surgeon will be doing a Girdlestone procedure....which will be HUGE not only as a procedure but for Danny. The Dr will be removing the head off his femur so Danny will no longer have a dislocated hip, it will then be called a "hanging hip". I was really torn on what to do with Danny's hip and the discomfort he was having daily. But through lots of soul searching, research, and opinions of others I feel this is the best for Danny. After already dealing with hip surgery that failed and multiple attempts to relieve Danny's discomfort this new procedure will definitely take care of his hip pain forever. BUT with a cost...his bone will be cut off and he will never be able to weight bear. I have come to grips that Danny will never walk and he can't or doesn't have the ability to stand so I need to make him comfortable and give him the best quality of life I can.
The ENT will be popping in to recheck Danny's ears and make sure they are healing nicely and deep clean them again if they need to be.
Then a General Surgeon will be coming in to place a med port in Danny's chest. I can't believe I've gone through something before Danny did. With the limit sites available via PICC having a med port in should be an easier route to go. Now we don't have to bring Danny in before each procedure for a PICC line in hopes the find an access and no more multiple picks to get a blood draw.
So stay tuned and I will keep you posted with our hectic lifestyle. Thanks for stopping by to check on us!

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Justin and Victoria Nelson said...

Go Danny Go!!
SO proud of him!
But then again, I'm not surprised...he comes from excellent genes =)