Saturday, October 31, 2009


Here's my lil China doll. It was so COLD n Windy for trick r treating. We were out there for about and hour n a half and that was all Avrianna wanted to do....Yay ME! Danny stayed home with Dan and they hung out downstairs watching a movie.She still managed to come home with the mother load of candy, heehee. Which Dad already was dipping in her stash, SHhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
We hooked up with my niece n isn't that a good looking group :)
My lil fish! Here's Avrianna at her first swim meet. Avrianna ROCKED! She was in 3 races the 200 relay which they took 3rd, the 50 Backstroke she took 10th, and the 25 Freestyle she took 9th. So it was nice for her to come home with 3 ribbons for all three races. Tomorrow she is at it again at 8am doing a Medley Relay, 25 backstroke, and a 50 freestyle. I can't wait! Dan and I had so much fun watching her and her team mates. Danny hung out at home with the nurse. It was too loud and hot in there for him, plus with all the viruses going around and people out in public when they should be quarantined I'm not taking any chances.Watching and cheering on her team mates
She is diving so well! Ready.............Set...............GO!
Alright Mom ENOUGH with the pictures!
I will post more tomorrow and try to get some of the video on here for you to see too. I'm turning in......swim meet, unloading a trailer full of wood, moving a 3 recliner sofa from the basement upstairs, and then trick r treating. My body isn't too impressed with me right now. Let's start is all over again tomorrow, heehee. Thanks for stopping by to check in on us. Please sign our guestbook or post a comment to let us know you stopped by. We'd like to hear from you too :) Hope you all had a SAFE and HAPPY Halloween!!

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