Saturday, October 17, 2009

Hiding Out

I have cancelled all of Danny's therapies and well checks until.............well not too sure for how long. So we are hiding out until I get the all clear with the H1N1 that is running rampid through our community then maybe I will let up, but until then it's all NOT WORTH taking a chance with lil man. I had alil scare 2 days ago with Danny starting the secretions again. I really thought here we go again with a respiratory bug and him being ill! But much to my surprise today was a better day, phew.
One week from today and my lil girl turns 7, holy cow did time fly by. I swear all I did was blink! We are going to have a birthday party for her awith some of her friends at a roller rink then afterwards we'll have a family get together for dinner and a mini party with them. Avrianna goes in for her annual physical this week which will also consist of a flu plus a H1N1 flu shot (if the vaccine gets here in time) so I'm sure I will have alot of bribing to do for that. Wish me LUCK, lol!
Not too much to report so I guess that is a good thing :) Hope this finds all of you well.

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