Sunday, October 4, 2009


Yeap was here! Everyone was was a party, NOT! Of course it hit Danny the hardest and he is still hanging onto it. Dan, Avrianna, and myself are on the path to recovery but Danny not so much yet. Today is the 2nd day of 102 fevers and that's with Ibuprofen. He's stopping peeing on his own about 5 days ago so we've been cathing him religiously every 4-5 hours. Yesterday the blow out bowel movements stopped by and hasn't left yet either. If the fever doesn't break by tomorrow I will have to bring him in and have Dr Kasper work his magic. He's called here 2x a day to check on lil man, we are SO LUCKY to have a WONDERFUL pediatrician. We LOVE you Dr Kasper! So not too much to report just trying to get by.

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