Wednesday, September 30, 2009

This Rainbow popped out just as the cold front and nasty weather rolled in 2 days ago. It was amazing!
Now it's fall in Wisconsin...oh I mean winter already. I woke up this morning to temps in the lower 30's....YUCK!! I don't like cold, not at all! Wish we could be going to Florida still :(
Here we go again.......Danny is up to his tricks. Well it's not like he has anything to do with it, but it's more like what his system is doing too him. Danny's labs continue to drop, sigh. We have done alot of changing around with his food and his meds the last few days. Poor Dr Kasper, we've been keeping him very busy. The theory today is that his system has been holding onto too much fluid and now is overloaded screwing with Danny's levels, so the GI doctor is continuing to drop his fluid intake. Danny is now on 19oz of fluid in 24 hours...that is LESS then 2 cans of soda a day that he is getting. That's IT!! Danny has slowed down his urine production and he stopped peeing on his own 2 days ago so we are back to cathing every 4 -5 hrs....sigh :( I am going to be bringing in a cath'd specimen into Dr Kasper's office this afternoon so they can check a few things out. The other theory is that the seizure med we put him back on Trileptal is a MAJOR inhibitor to his sodium dropping so last night we changed over to Tegretol....I hope this is the one! Danny is on three seizure meds as it is and we are running out of options if this one doesn't work. The issue this morning is that he has been wretching something terrible and very sleepy. I called into Dr Kasper about the lack of pee and the wretching, and he feels the wretching could be a side effect of too much Tegretol so we dropped it down slightly and added back on Zofran. We'll see what the urine test shows this afternoon and then we are going to repeat the urine and blood work on Friday. Kinda wish they would have left the PICC line in longer now. Danny's meds are slowly increasing back up, ugh....just when I worked so hard to decrease some of them from the hospital stay. We are now giving him 4 meds @ 6am, 4 meds @ 9:30a, 8 meds @ 2p, and 8 meds @ 9:30. Danny was put back on Tamiflu as a precaution as the H1N1 is crazy here in our community and he was in contact already with someone that has been in contact with the Type A flu last week. SIGH!!! He was suppose to have his first PT session at the hospital this morning but the therapist is sick so lucky we stayed home. Danny has been sleeping most of the morning unless he is up wretching so I would have cancelled it anyway.
Avrianna is doing awesome in school. Her teacher called me yesterday just to say what a joy it is having Avrianna in the class and how wonderful she is doing. SMILE!!! I'm so happy she has adjusted so well in school. The swim team is going swimmingly, heehee. She loves it and her endurance is improving every day.

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