Thursday, September 3, 2009

Right track

Things around here are starting to get on the right track. I have most of the house decorated and organized, now I can sleep better, LOL. I still have to totally empty out the other house but most of the things there will be going to GW.
Danny is doing great! I have gotten alot of smiles today and the last two days he has been mostly out of bed, woohoo, with tolerating well.....BONUS! Thought I would share some pics Chilln out in the kitchen
Gotta LOVE that face!!!! He and I were having a conversation here. It just makes me smile to hear his voice. I was so afraid of never hearing him again, but once again Danny shows us all he is in charge. What independence!! I LOVE YOU BUDDY
And I'm working him hard here at home......yeap in his stander once again! He stood in it for 50 minutes and no fuss. Way to go!
Today Danny got a visit from Ms Maria (speech from last year) was so nice to see her. Thanks for stopping by! We were sad as she told us she will not be Danny's speech therapist this year. Danny did really well with Ms Maria so I'm really bummed that once again speech has changed. So far Danny has had a new speech therapist every year. At least they are going for consistency, right? We are going to miss you Ms Maria!!!! :( Tomorrow some of Danny's therapist are coming to see the house and see lil man so we can start a schedule for this year. I think we are going to have alot of new faces this year.
Avrianna is LOVING school and riding the bus. She has been waking up every day early (all by herself) and can't wait till the bus picks her up. Today she did the bus thing all by herself. She is very proud of her new found independence :) She comes home every day does her homework, tells us about her day, and asks "how much longer before tomorrow?". I'm very excited for her!
My baby is in there!!!!!! :)After her homework she goes for a dip in the pool
Today I went in for a follow-up appt with my Neurologist about my new symptoms. He did a few tests but he felt that until the symptoms disrupt my daily functions (aka falling, or blind spots, or so weak I can't get out of bed) that I should wait these flare up out and see how it does. My vision is off but I don't have any blind spots, I can't walk fast or I'll trip over my own feet, and my ability to do certain things has decreased. BUT I'm still moving on and pulling forward. Some days are harder then others but right now it's ok. I'm amazed at how fast everything has come on.....3 months ago I thought I pinched a nerve in my back to all of this. I did go and FINALLY get a hair cut! Here's the new do

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