Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Golden Anniversary

8 years ago today...I married my best friend! Happy Anniversary.....how many can say they have a TRUE partner, friend, and lover that they can count on in GOOD times and BAD? How many can say their love is even stronger for ALL they've been through together? How many men would have ran with all that life has dealt our family?I did up this niche in the new house. Remembering our special day, the people we were back then, and all the memories we've made since then.

Well going to meet up with Dan for lunch while Danny has nursing today. I will post pictures later of our Labor Day.....family, fun, and a GREAT TIME

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Justin and Victoria Nelson said...

yeah! great love story!
the kids must be so blessed by the foundation you give them- which flows from the love that you two have for one another.
thanks for support with the ribbons!