Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Clean Slate

Today is NEW day! Everything is going smoothly today :) Danny is still sleeping so either the shower yesterday stressed him out more then I thought or he is growing again (these kids just don't listen, heehee). The bus driver had changed the route already today to pick up Avrianna in front of our street and she got to ride the school bus. He is very nice and from the talk around he is an awesome bus driver, that makes me happy. She was SO EXCITED! I went to school anyways to chat with the teacher on my feelings about yesterday and Avrianna. We are ALL GOOD with that. I forgot I gave her the blog address so she already read what I put on here last night. She understands where I am coming from and I think it's a new "beginning" today. Then the principal wanted to talk with me in her office....oh the memories, heehee. She read the blog too. We had a wonderful conversation in her office and we are ALL now on the same page. I feel so much better today that we all know where each other are coming from. I'm very protective of Avrianna and I know her in & out so I tend to be alil over bearing when it comes to my kids. Yesterday was just an emotional day for me as it is. But today is NEW day.... we are pulling forward and moving ahead in a positive light!
Yesterday our family dog, Bailey, came home for the first time to the new house. I think she will do just fine we just need to keep her out of the pool and the retention pond (yuck).

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