Sunday, September 13, 2009

R&R time

Despite me not even knowing my head hit the pillow last night, I had a WONDERFUL do nothing kind of day yesterday. The Niemuth's , our BFF's and we sat around the pool, chit chatted, munched, and of course had a few cocktails. I can honestly say yesterday was the first day since we've been in the house that I did as little as possible. I enjoyed the house, Woohoo!! Then my sister and nephew came over the join the fun. Then my mother stopped by and called over one of her friends to hang out......the more the merrier I always say! LOVED IT! Thanks Connie for coming over it was so nice to see you guys and to sit back and relax, it was GREAT. I always say this but then something seems to cramp my style, but I'll say it again...WE NEED to do that MORE OFTEN! I think all the fresh air and beverages got to me so I was exhausted last night. I even cheated and gave lil man his nighty nighty meds a half an hour early so I could crash.

It didn't help that the last week I've been getting up with lil man around 3am and he is not impressed with SOMETHING.....and finding this something is getting old. We even changed out his humidifier AGAIN to see if that was the problem. Danny now has a cool mist humidifier instead of the warm. But nope that really wasn't it! The cool mist does help out BETTER for his secretions but he still decides to get up around 3 with a VERY HIGH heart rate and pissed off about something. He isn't crying out so I don't think it's pain, but again what do I know. The first night the cool mist humidifier wasn't set properly for Danny when the guys left so over night his was drowning in TOO MANY secretions. I was NOT a happy momma!! I think we are getting better at with tweaking the settings, but how frustrating. We've been home since August 24th and we still don't have his humidification under control. Why can't these machines work like the hospitals....makes me wish I had the air n oxygen lines run in the walls so I could have the same set up as them, but we are working with what we have.

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