Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Picture Day

Avrianna had school pictures I thought I would go ahead and take a few myself this morning. I'm thinking I'm glad I did as when she got home from school she had in her hair a glob of glitter glue in her bangs. Avrianna and one of her lil friends thought it would be neat to have it in her hair for pictures. I knew I should have been there for pictures today. Guess that's what I get for relying on someone else to to get it done. UGH! Glad they are satisfaction guarantee cuz something tells me the glitter glue will be seen on the head shot that they do. GEEZ!So of course, after a MUCH NEEDED hair cut,....little man had to have his picture taken too :)
Boy I have some good looking kids, but I guess I'm partial!
Danny had a doctors appt yesterday with Dr Kasper in the office. Danny's first vehicle ride since we left the hospital. He LOVED it! He always likes to go out and about, plus he enjoys Dr. Kaspers office....I know he's alil different, heehee. The appt was about 1.5 hours it was ALL GOOD. Danny had an xray of his chest n abdomen also. After getting the original surgery report from the ITB pump and looking at the catheter placement now he is GOOD with that. I'm not sure why Milwaukee made a be ta do about it, but it's NOT going to fall out any time soon and there is ALOT of play yet. So we are starting to wean off the oral baclofen as he doesn't NEED it anymore. I can't believe all of the mistakes and misinformation that has gone on at CHOW. But now that we are back at home with Dr Kasper all is well. This Friday, the 18th, is my birthday and Dr Kasper is giving me the best birthday present from Danny.........OFF TPN ~ Woohoo! We are going to cap off the PICC line till Monday and after labs then we are going to pull it, before the GI follow up on Tuesday. I find it funny how the discharge paperwork for Danny's feeding was WRONG with no "plan" of what or where to go with on feedings once home, and the GI doctor that was going to follow Danny once discharged has been out of the country since we left the hospital. Won't they be surprised to see the TPN and the PICC line gone on Tuesday when that's when we were suppose to start the process of getting rid of TPN. Oh well....GET R DONE, I don't have time to wait on them!! Danny is SO LUCKY to have THE BEST PEDIATRICIAN ever. Danny would NOT be the lil boy he is today without Dr Kasper. We don't think of him as Danny's doctor he is part of our family!! Danny wasn't able to skooch out of the office without getting a flu shot, but he took it like a trooper with no tears or not so much as a whimper. He is my HERO! I am on guard Dr K first statement to me was "Don't let Danny near any school kids." "Why?" I asked.......well there ARE CONFIRMED cases of H1N1 in the Neenah School system. OH GREAT!! To ANYONE that comes over to visit or for therapies if you so much as feel just alil off (not even full blown sick) don't come over. With Avrianna not having a spleen and Danny....well being Danny, we can NOT GET afford to have the H1N1 virus. I am now really SCARED of my choice to send Avrianna to public school. I am going to talk with the school and see what precautions we can do. I've heard some families are having doctors write scripts up that if the school has more then 20% of kiddos out sick to pull the siblings out in the best interest of the family till the bug subsides. Not sure what we are going to do yet, but it weighs heavy on my mind. I know if there are ANY cases in Avrianna's school Dr Kasper wants to start treating Danny "just in case". I'm not sure about Avrianna but I will probably push for her too. I have talked with Avrianna about not playing with kiddos that are coughing or not feeling good and for I sent her a FULL container of hand sanitizer.
Avrianna and Danny were very excited yesterday as Lisa and Tammy, 2 of the day nurses that took care of Danny in Milwaukee, came up to visit. It was so nice seeing them! We will HAVE to do that more often.

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cateeters said...

Happy Birthday..what great news about Danny!! Love the pics.