Monday, October 26, 2009


Thought I would share some fun good news first. Here are some pictures my Brother in Law took of our house from airplane/camera. This is so COOL! Thanks Ryan
Ok now the even Better News:
Thursday afternoon Dan noticed a water spot on the carpet of the basement floor. After the normal blaming Avrianna and then the dog we realized we has a MAJOR problem. The water was leaking from our mechanical/movie room ceiling, also out of the speakers in the back of our family room, and out of the air duct. HUMMMMMMMM, where was the water coming from? The roof is leaking, WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! With more rain to come on Friday, this wasn't going to be good. Well we have a MESS here at the Osero household with major destruction and remodeling. We haven't even been in the house more the 2 months, sigh. I'm hoping someday I will be able to look back at this and have a chuckle, but right now all I want to do is cry. Just when I thought the constant in and out of the contractors was over with then WHAM we are remodeling. What a mess! Thanks to Bruce and Mike for stepping it up to Get R Done for us as they understand the severity of it all, when the faulted person just cowards away and won't own up to responsibility.
The water running down the wall in my front entry way!One of the cracks that started down the wallWood buckle starting to crush the medallionThis "teepee" effect in the hardwood happened right under my feet. Then snapped open!The wood buckling was so strong it moved our kitchen I am waiting for Brown County Cabinets to come tomorrow as they need to remove the kitchen cabinets on one side of the kitchen so we can get to the floor underneath it. This is unbelievable!!!!This is what we found under the hardwood floor.......ALL MOLD, just after 48 hours of finding the water. Amazing how fast this stuff grows! This is NOT good, for normal healthy people and in Danny's case, UGH!!!!! Looks like there is an ant farm in the walls......water trails running down the blown insulationWalls are now torn down and insulation pulled out, upstairs ...... they are SOAKED! Now the drying process starts in the walls then to be treated and put back together again.The hardwood floor is torn out.....the sub floor in areas are soaked n spongey so it too will need to be replaced, UGH!!!!!!!Here's how they taped off the front entry so we can try to keep the dust and mold spoars to a minimum through out the rest of the house.
Tomorrow they will be back at 7:30am to start tearing apart the basement walls. Oh MY!

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