Monday, October 26, 2009

Avrianna is 7!

Avrianna had her annual physical on Wednesday and I have to brag..........What a brave over achiever! She grew 3" this year, know wonder why her pants looked as if she was wadding in the water, heehee. She is almost the same weight as Danny, she needs to grow alil more to get to him, heehee. Once she agreed to a blood draw, she was informed that she was going to need a flu shot. YIKES! But much to my surprise she didn't cry, freak out, or try to run. After it was all done she looked at me and said "Mom I didn't feel a thing!" Wow ~ what a difference! Then with her lab results.....Dr Kasper thinks she should be superwoman for Halloween as her blood counts n numbers are now higher then the high normals. She has NEVER had good numbers but now that her spleen is out she is an OVER ACHIEVER. Her hemoglobin was 15 and her platelets were in the 700k ~ Holy Moly~ This is AWESOME!
Here are some pictures of her birthday party with her friends at the Fox Valley Roller Rink. I do have to say. I HIGHLY recommend the roller rink party! The kids had a blast, the owners kept the kids occupied, and it wasn't expensive. We are DEFINITELY doing the roller rink thing every year
Very Proud of her Birthday cake. I'm so glad she liked my design :)Getting her roller skates....she has to be on her tippy toes to see over the counter, heeheeSo excited to be at the roller rinkLook at her go!Here's the crew......We had 10 out of the 21 that were invited. Unfortunately the H1N1 virus is running through her school. Luckily she didn't get it for her birthday, that would have been a terrible birthday present.Let's eat CAKE!
She had a WONDERFUL time! And despite her bruised knees, from falling down, she wants to go again real soon! The after the roller rink party we came home and had Papa Dan n Nana Claudia along with my mom's side o fthe family here at the house for dinner.

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