Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Spinning in Circles

I can't believe how many kiddos are sick with this bug! And how did it get in my house, sigh!
Well Danny is border line going into the hospital. The doctors would like to see him in the hospital so he can be monitored closer. The paperwork was already sent last night to the hospital and they are on stand by for him but the way I look at it as I would be doing the all monitoring anyway as the nurses are not one on one, like he gets here. They are not right in his room they just wait till his monitors go off, well by that time he has struggled so much and his shirt would be soaked in secretions, so I would be doing most of the cares in the hospital anyway, as I don't let him get that bad. Danny's reserve is VERY low right now, which is what worries me, every time we try to manipulate him he drops his sats or will even do a full blown apnea spell. When I try to do Mr. Jiggles or even hand CPT to move the crud around so it doesn't settle in his lungs more, he will drop his sats along with his heart rate....so it's the real deal. He stopped breathing on me 5 times yesterday with turning purple, his sats got as low as 59 and heart rate dropped right along with, but luckily he was easy to resuscitate. Before all of the real excitement yesterday I took Danny into see Dr Kasper in the morning for more labs, tests n xrays...Danny actually had the best labs that he's had in a very long time, which is great, but his xrays weren't too impressive and his cultures have started to come back showing strep, psuedomonas, pneumocacis - pnuemonia, but his flu test came back negative, phew! So here we go again! Poor guy hasn't fully recovered from the last respiratory illness and he's already VERY ill. My gut says keep him home away from the other bugs running through the hospitals, but then again what IF I can't get him going again easily next time? UGH!! Right now they would just be monitoring him/baby sitting him and again what are they going to do with him that I am not. One good thing is with the trache there is an open airway I can access and I can clear his secretions better. I am torn on what to do?! If I take him to the hospital here can they handle him or will they just send us down to Milwaukee again. It doesn't help the weather outside right now is TERRIBLE..... pouring rain 49 degrees and windy, not a good mix that I want to take Danny out in? Just me making excuses I guess.
Avrianna is getting better....she still has a soar throat in the morning, but I think it because she is so congested and coughs so much during the night that she breathes more through her mouth. By the time she is up and ready for the day it no longer hurts her. I am going to keep her from swimming this week in hopes to help her "recover" sooner.
I will keep you all posted on what we decide to do. But right now my plans is to try and manage him here. Tomorrow I have nursing from 9-9 so that will help me out alot. I might even get in a nap......probably not, but it sounded good, lol.
Please keep our blog family The Holman's in your thoughts in prayers. Their son Kyle passed away this morning and their other son Ryan is in the hospital sick. When it rains it pours!

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