Saturday, October 10, 2009

EXCITEMENT all around

With all the craziness going on with Danny lately I get to go out tonight to more CRAZINESS. I am surprising Avrianna to the Hannah Montana concert tonight in Milwaukee. She has no clue! I laid out an outfit on her bed and told her to be ready, as I'm taking her somewhere special tonight, that's all she knows. I can't wait to see what her expression is going to be like. I will take lots of pictures and post them tomorrow. We are driving down this afternoon and then I will drive home after the concert tonight. It should be exciting!
Danny is still holding his own here at home. I can't say he is any better yet, but he isn't any worse so that's a good thing. The one on one care he is getting here at home with the nurses far more exceeds the care he can get in the hospital. Plus all the equipment he requires is here at our fingertips in the house. Let's not forget ALL the crap floating around the home is the BEST place for him right now. If for some reason I can't keep his sats up here at home then obviously he will have to go in, but he is doing OK right now here at home. Danny likes the roller coaster effect as he does really well for a couple hours and then wham he requires 4lts of oxygen, constant suctioning, and desats so he keeps up on our toes all the time. Totally exciting!!!
Today we saw snow flurries......are you kidding me?!? This is NOT exciting, but Dan would say different. He loves the "long john" weather. The kids and I not so much! While Dan was walking to the mail box this morning in the snow, heehee.......all of a sudden there was 3 deer (2 VERY large) that jumped out of the tree line ran past him and through our yard to the field behind us. It was SO exciting!!! I told Dan now he doesn't have to go to Tomahawk to go hunting they are right out our back and front door :)

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