Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Welcome Home Madness

We made it home safely Saturday at 2am, so we ended up sleeping in the RV in our driveway so I didn't have to wake up the kids. Once we got up we intended to let the unpacking begin. BUT as I walked out of the RV in my scrubby clothes, wild hair, and the oh not so fresh smell up drove 4 cars in my driveway. WHAT!!! Well the builder had some people that wanted to look at our house and we had a miscommunication thing going so unfortunately they got to see me at my "finest". It wasn't too bad, they were wonderful people and I got a beautiful bouquet of flowers out of it :) You're forgiven Mike, LOL.
I started my IV treatment for my most recent MS relapse on Monday and today was my last day, thank goodness. The nurse was able to get an IV in my left arm, of course right in the bend (I'm left handed) which they wanted to keep in for the three days as I, once again, was a hard stick. Now I know where Danny got his veins from, sorry Lil Man! Unfortunately the IV blew this morning and they had to start a new one up for today, the last day. After 3 attempts the nurse was able to get on in my right knuckle in between my pinky n ring finger, OMG did that one hurt. But it's done and I'm hoping I don't have to do that again for awhile.
Avrianna is back to the grind in school and she can't wait to get back in her swim suit and go in the pool. I have started to look into signing her up for some summer programs, so she can't say she's "bored" over the summer. But I'm sure once school is out and the pool is up n running we'll be a very busy house.
Yesterday Danny had his follow up for GI and ****GOLD STARS**** across the board. He is finally in a "good" place as GI is concerned, but I did make the doc aware of the up coming surgery to fuse n rod his spine next month which might throw a few bumps in road with GI. As Danny tends to go over board and throw things out of proportion which tends to start with GI shut down when his body goes isn't a dysautomonia fit. I'm crossing my fingers that isn't the case this time. I don't want to spend 70 days of this summer in the hospital like we did last summer. Danny goes in for his Trache/vent clinic and a new patient dental clinic next Tuesday in Milwaukee and then the next week we have pre op with the ortho surgeon and anesthesiologist. Surgery is scheduled for May 14th with a 5-7 day stay, cross you fingers it's not too much longer then that.
Since we've been home the weather has been wonderful so I've been trying to get all my outside weeding and pruning done. It's a month early around here, but I'll take it! Warm sunshine can stay, keep the snow away! It's suppose to rain tomorrow so I'm hoping to get the last two bags unpacked from our vacation and then I can be all caught up. We are having family coming over for the weekend and I have a WildTree Party here at the house on Friday night with family n friends so I'd like to have everything put away.
The MS Walk is on April 25th, boy did that come up fast. If you are still interested in pledging a dontation to support the walk and me please click on the link at the top left of the blog and that will get you to my personal page. Thanks for your support!

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