Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Let the Cleaning Begin

We had a great Easter down here. We had "the TALK" on Easter about the celebration of Easter n Christmas and how if you believe then the spirit still rings on. I kind of new that it was coming as she is way to smart for her own good, but it went well and she was ok with it. :) Phew~ that part is over onto PMS, LOL

Avrianna Painting eggs with Danny's Supervision

And Danny Sporting his new sassy T-shirt. Appropriate .... don't you think?

Some pics of the kids .....

Yesterday I started to tear apart the condo. I started in the master bedroom not only cleaning but tearing everything out and reorganizing it. Yeah I can't do anything simple :) I really like the way the bedroom is now and I wish I would have put it this way along time ago. But of course I didn't stop there.......I put Danny's bed back by the master bedroom so now I can be closer to him as I didn't like him being on the other side of the condo because I couldn't hear him well enough. So then I put the two beds in (now) Avrianna's room and she has a huge bed and alot more space. I'm exhausted already and I only have the Lanai, and both bedrooms clean. Now off to the the rest of the place. Once all the bags n boxes are out of here it will look like a condo again. I'm so glad we decided NOT to sell this place, I just love it here, and now I have BIGGER ideas for the next trip down for some more sprucing up :) Everything is packed and Dan is putting it in the RV so once I have everything cleaned up tomorrow we'll be back on the road to WI .... all good things must come to an end. BUT we'll be back you can count on it!
This week has been amazing weather wise. I couldn't have planned better weather ,we are all getting a nice tan. We've been hitting the pool just about every day and going out to eat at least once a day, yeah I know real rough life style. It's been so nice being able to sleep in and not to have any plans or obligations to tend to. Again all good thing must come to an end as Monday is going to be complete and utter chaos at my house. Not only to clean out the RV and put stuff away, school starts, piano starts, I have to go into start a 3 day round of steroids (more on that), and I'm suppose to go to a parent support group in the evening. Then doctor appts on Tuesday for Danny, Wednesday for me, and on and on and on.
I got Danny in the pool.....he LOVED it as always!
Danny chilling out with "His Girls". We met the therapist's that used to work with him when we were down here for dinner. We are now good friends! Thanks for coming out to see us Shauna n Becky :)

Right before we left to come down here my left foot/leg and up to mid mid side went numb. That lasted alil over a week but starting on Friday my right arm and hand are numb and very weak, as I can't even pick up a coffee cup and let me tell you typing is pretty challenging. Unfortunately I couldn't start the treatment while down in Florida as the local hospitals won't take a script from an out of state doctor and the local Neurologist couldn't see me till after we were to leave (thanks to WI doc for going to extra step and trying to get me seen down here). So I'll be starting right away on Monday morning, yea more steroids, better go get the next size up for clothing. Grrrrrrrr! It's very annoying not to be able to feel or use your hand n arm and starting yesterday it's getting painful. This absolutly sucks but I won't let it ruin our vacation!
I am planning an having a WildTree Party on Friday at my home. I'm really excited to see what they have to offer for healthy foods. If anyone is interested in coming email me and I can get you the info and directions to my home.
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