Sunday, April 25, 2010

Amazing Strides!

This is our newest project here at The Osero household. We picked up the kit last weekend, yesterday Dan and our neighbor started to put it together.

Here are the completed sections. Now once the weather corporates, we can get it outside in the backyard and put the pieces together. I'm hoping to get it up and in playing order by next weekend as I'm expecting 4 extra kids over on Saturday. It would be nice for them to be able to be outside.

Once it's completed outside I will post more pictures :) Avrianna is gnawing at the bit to get on it and "PLAY".

This morning, despite the 40 mph winds and pouring rain the MS walk still went on. It was very impressive to see the amount of people that still came out to participate. Thanks to all that "Joined the Movement" in awareness for a cure in MS. My team, My New DreaMS, was able to raise $365.00 towards a cure, WAY TO GO!

Friday I received confirmation on Danny's spinal fusion n roding surgery. His surgery is on May 14th at 7:30am so we will need to have him to the hospital by 6am. Dan and I are going to take Danny to Milwaukee the night before so we don't have to get up at zero dark thirty in the morning to get there by 6. So Danny and I are going to twist Daddy's arm to take us out to The Cheesecake Factory for dinner, yummmmm. I'm hoping we will be able to stay at the Ronald McDonald house the night before as it is right across the street from the Children's Hospital. That way we can get up and just go next door. Once we get a room there we have it till we don't need it anymore, so if for whatever reason we need it for a few more days at least there is a room to stay in. Once we know how the surgery is going then we can either go and clean out the room for another family or we can let them know we will need it longer. Danny's surgery is scheduled to be 7-9hrs long with a recovery stay of about 5-7 days. Reality is setting in and my nerves have kicked into high gear. This is going to be the BIGGEST and LONGEST surgery that Danny has ever had. I can only hope that after the surgery he is going to have an AWESOME outcome and better quality of life. He should be able to sit better, have trunk control, and internally his organs will not be pushed off to one side as they are being scrunched right now. Not to mention the catheter for his ITB pump is going to be replaced back up into the base of his neck and properly anchored. Our hope is that we can turn down the amount of medicine that he is getting now to get the same results, if not better.

This last week we had another break through in Danny's therapy. Here's part of his team....Nicole (OT), Kasey (ST), and Rand (teacher). They all came to visit on Wednesday and boy was Danny on his game. We tried a new position for a switch and ........

Danny rocked the house!!!!!

He was so proud of himself :) Way to go Lil amaze me!
I am very excited that Danny has shown interest and control with his switch located in his finger. I am hoping he will still want to "play" after surgery. With the switch being in his hand it won't be as difficult as the head position would have been so I'm going try and continue "playing" with it.
This next week is Spirit Week at Avrianna's school and she is TOTALLY syked about mismatch day, wild hair day, Twin day, and Dress your best day. I will post pictures of her weeks doings.

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