Monday, April 19, 2010

Hold you breath

Today has been ONE OF "THOSE" days with it starting up in rare form at 1:30am. Danny was UP wide awake needing some significant suctioning every 30 minutes for the duration of the weeeeeeeee early morning hours into the rest of the day. UGH! He started to get congested late Friday night, where I even needed to hook up some Oxygen to him while he slept. I really didn't think too much into it as we had alot of people over to the house on Friday for a WildTree Party and Danny was such a busy body being one of the stars of the party that I figured he was just exhausted. He has been increasingly getting more n more congested with some wheezing in his right lung. So this morning once the nurse came in I decided to get him into the shower for nice steam vix treatment and then a trache change. Well let me tell you, Lil Man had other things in store for us. Sassy!! He did wonderful with the trache removal, BUT when it came to putting a new one in.......he didn't appreciate it NOT one bit. The poor thing went into a HUGE coughing fit (normally he coughs some with the trache changes) that lasted about 30 minutes. He couldn't catch his breath, not even with us bagging him (breathing for him) and cranking up the oxygen up to 5 liters. Very scarey for awhile around here as we were doing everything we could, but he wasn't responding to it. And the colors he was turning, weren't the prettiest on him. I now his favorite color is blue, but that was getting alil out of hand! Why is it I always hold my breath when he does his? It's about 3:30 and he is slowly batting his eyes and fighting to sleep, I don't know about him but with day we've had I could use a LONG nap. He still sounds very junky and wheezey in the right lung so we'll see what tonight and tomorrow will bring. I've called his pediatrician to let him know and tomorrow we have his Trache/vent clinic in Milwaukee so I can let them ALL know about his status when we get there. I just hope it's a quiet ride down and that there is no funny business with Lil Man while on the road. I will keep you all up to date with tomorrow's appts and his status if anything should change.
Avrianna is TOTALLY excited as we bought her a outdoor playset. So you know what Dan will be doing this week :) We are going to extend it so we can attach Danny's swing on the end of it and they can hang out there together.
Well tonight is definitely going to be an early night for the Osero's. Thanks for checking in on us! Please post a comment or sign our guestbook as we love to hear from you also.

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ANewKindOfPerfect said...

Wow, what a morning! I hope he does better this afternoon, perhaps you'll even get a nap! :)