Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Clinic review

Yesterday was a whirlwind day. Alot of nothing happened, but everything got done. Now that you are totally lost in my mumbo jumbo. It really was a nice day. I got up on time (that always starts things off nice) and got lil man dressed and prepared for the road trip. It's always alil exhausting getting everything for the day ready as with me not really knowing when we were going to be home, we bring everything. Amazingly the traffic was wonderful even through all the Oshkosh construction (I can't believe the city thought is was a good idea to reconstruct darn near every exit, unbearable for them I'm sure).
We made it to his first appt alil early. WOW! I had to chuckle, as you know you've made an impression when at the check in desk is the patient relations woman waiting to talk with you. LOL! It's all good she's a wonderful woman. Unfortunately she got alot of the brunt of Danny's hospital admission woes last summer. I'm glad my "complaining" does make an impact on the quality of service and care these kiddos get. I WILL and HAVE been heard, makes me smile that my opinions and stubborness can go towards some good, even if I don't make many friends on the floor, LOL.
Danny's first "official" Trache/Vent clinic went well. I had wondered how smoothly it was going to go with his lil episode with the trache change. It was so nice as they coordinate the Pulmonary Dr, ENT, respiratory therapist, Trache nurse, and even a dietitian to come and talk with you :) One stop shopping, I like that! They even come to you instead of you running through the clinic, then the hospital, back over the the clinic like a crazy person. The first doc we saw was his pulmonoligst. I had told her about Danny's "great" trache change and my concerns that this is becoming a pattern with him in the spring. Thinking it might be an allergy issue as I had allergies so bad I required shots to get any relief, before I had kids. She wasn't impressed with my theory and went on with her questions and then did his phyical exam. Funny when she was done she says, yeap I think he has allergies. UGH!!!! The circles we go around, but at least this one didn't take to long for us to agree. The inside of his nose is inflamed, his eyes were watery, his right ear is nasty again, he's alil wheezy n more congested and let's not forget the scratchy throat thing with the trache change. Hummmmmmmmmmm thought I brought that all up in the beginning, oh well. The ENT thinks the same thing :) He didn't like the way Danny's right ear is looking and that's even with the constant drops we put in. He's theory is that the goo has change over into something fungal rather then bacterial so he did a culture and we are awaiting the news for something new we can do to help his poor ear that seems to drain puss all the time, eeeeewwwww. The ENT was going to talk with the surgeon that is doing Danny's spinal fusion to see if they can come in and do a "clean out" of his ear while he is on the table. Everyone else pretty much just came in to see him and there was no changes done. But I did get a referral to see an Allergist down there :)
From there we went to his first Dental clinic down at CHOW. His new dentist is absolutely wonderful! I have major dentist anxiety, but she was great not only with him .... me too :) Cudos to mommy and the nurses for GREAT dental hygiene for Lil Man. She was amazed with how wonderful his teeth look. Not much tartar to speak of and he's NEVER had a professional dental cleaning. We would have one of the local dentist's just look at his teeth when Avrianna went in for cleaning, but that has been it. Danny let her look in his mouth and he didn't try to bit her finger off, LOL. It did make me VERY uneasy when she would stick that lil mirror in there as if bit down, UGH. She did her assessment and she is also going to contact Danny's surgeon as 4 (for sure possibly 6) teeth need to be pulled. They were going to pull and do a cleaning yesterday but with the risk of bacteria possibly getting in the blood stream when doing dental work they are making sure when is a good time to do it.....before, during, or after surgery. They also had to contact his doctor in the Center for Bleeding disorders as Danny still has a slow time to clot and we need to make sure that there is no added treatment he will need before or after teeth extraction. I should have an answer sometime today or tomorrow of what's going on. If it can be done before she was going to sneak him in her schedule when we are down there for his Pre-op May 3rd. We'll see how this all plays out.
This morning I had an opportunity to talk with Dr K and go over the seasonal allergy theory. Instead of getting another specialist in the mix and putting Lil Man through a skin test, we are going to increase some neb treatments and add some better allergy meds to see how he reacts. To go through the whole skin test to see what he is allergic to really won't change our treatments with him other then if he needs to have the shots, and if we don't try the other medicines out to see how they work how will I know he really needs the shots. So once again the magnificent Dr K is maintaining another "specialty" with Lil Man and making our lives less chaotic. Have I told you how much we value Dr K, he ROCKS!
Once we got home from CHOW we all went to pick up our new patio furniture and the rest of the parts we needed for the Playset. Dan and I stayed up last night and put together the "some" assembly required furniture which is always fun times. Today I'm hoping we get it all put together and outside.
This weekend is the MS walk so if you haven't and still would like to donate a pledge please click on the link in the upper left of column of the blog and that will get you to my personal page. Thanks for your support!
Also this weekend is the start of Dan's racing season so for all you drag racing buffs stop on out and see him on the fast track :)

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