Saturday, October 31, 2009


Here's my lil China doll. It was so COLD n Windy for trick r treating. We were out there for about and hour n a half and that was all Avrianna wanted to do....Yay ME! Danny stayed home with Dan and they hung out downstairs watching a movie.She still managed to come home with the mother load of candy, heehee. Which Dad already was dipping in her stash, SHhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
We hooked up with my niece n isn't that a good looking group :)
My lil fish! Here's Avrianna at her first swim meet. Avrianna ROCKED! She was in 3 races the 200 relay which they took 3rd, the 50 Backstroke she took 10th, and the 25 Freestyle she took 9th. So it was nice for her to come home with 3 ribbons for all three races. Tomorrow she is at it again at 8am doing a Medley Relay, 25 backstroke, and a 50 freestyle. I can't wait! Dan and I had so much fun watching her and her team mates. Danny hung out at home with the nurse. It was too loud and hot in there for him, plus with all the viruses going around and people out in public when they should be quarantined I'm not taking any chances.Watching and cheering on her team mates
She is diving so well! Ready.............Set...............GO!
Alright Mom ENOUGH with the pictures!
I will post more tomorrow and try to get some of the video on here for you to see too. I'm turning in......swim meet, unloading a trailer full of wood, moving a 3 recliner sofa from the basement upstairs, and then trick r treating. My body isn't too impressed with me right now. Let's start is all over again tomorrow, heehee. Thanks for stopping by to check in on us. Please sign our guestbook or post a comment to let us know you stopped by. We'd like to hear from you too :) Hope you all had a SAFE and HAPPY Halloween!!

Monday, October 26, 2009


Thought I would share some fun good news first. Here are some pictures my Brother in Law took of our house from airplane/camera. This is so COOL! Thanks Ryan
Ok now the even Better News:
Thursday afternoon Dan noticed a water spot on the carpet of the basement floor. After the normal blaming Avrianna and then the dog we realized we has a MAJOR problem. The water was leaking from our mechanical/movie room ceiling, also out of the speakers in the back of our family room, and out of the air duct. HUMMMMMMMM, where was the water coming from? The roof is leaking, WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! With more rain to come on Friday, this wasn't going to be good. Well we have a MESS here at the Osero household with major destruction and remodeling. We haven't even been in the house more the 2 months, sigh. I'm hoping someday I will be able to look back at this and have a chuckle, but right now all I want to do is cry. Just when I thought the constant in and out of the contractors was over with then WHAM we are remodeling. What a mess! Thanks to Bruce and Mike for stepping it up to Get R Done for us as they understand the severity of it all, when the faulted person just cowards away and won't own up to responsibility.
The water running down the wall in my front entry way!One of the cracks that started down the wallWood buckle starting to crush the medallionThis "teepee" effect in the hardwood happened right under my feet. Then snapped open!The wood buckling was so strong it moved our kitchen I am waiting for Brown County Cabinets to come tomorrow as they need to remove the kitchen cabinets on one side of the kitchen so we can get to the floor underneath it. This is unbelievable!!!!This is what we found under the hardwood floor.......ALL MOLD, just after 48 hours of finding the water. Amazing how fast this stuff grows! This is NOT good, for normal healthy people and in Danny's case, UGH!!!!! Looks like there is an ant farm in the walls......water trails running down the blown insulationWalls are now torn down and insulation pulled out, upstairs ...... they are SOAKED! Now the drying process starts in the walls then to be treated and put back together again.The hardwood floor is torn out.....the sub floor in areas are soaked n spongey so it too will need to be replaced, UGH!!!!!!!Here's how they taped off the front entry so we can try to keep the dust and mold spoars to a minimum through out the rest of the house.
Tomorrow they will be back at 7:30am to start tearing apart the basement walls. Oh MY!

Avrianna is 7!

Avrianna had her annual physical on Wednesday and I have to brag..........What a brave over achiever! She grew 3" this year, know wonder why her pants looked as if she was wadding in the water, heehee. She is almost the same weight as Danny, she needs to grow alil more to get to him, heehee. Once she agreed to a blood draw, she was informed that she was going to need a flu shot. YIKES! But much to my surprise she didn't cry, freak out, or try to run. After it was all done she looked at me and said "Mom I didn't feel a thing!" Wow ~ what a difference! Then with her lab results.....Dr Kasper thinks she should be superwoman for Halloween as her blood counts n numbers are now higher then the high normals. She has NEVER had good numbers but now that her spleen is out she is an OVER ACHIEVER. Her hemoglobin was 15 and her platelets were in the 700k ~ Holy Moly~ This is AWESOME!
Here are some pictures of her birthday party with her friends at the Fox Valley Roller Rink. I do have to say. I HIGHLY recommend the roller rink party! The kids had a blast, the owners kept the kids occupied, and it wasn't expensive. We are DEFINITELY doing the roller rink thing every year
Very Proud of her Birthday cake. I'm so glad she liked my design :)Getting her roller skates....she has to be on her tippy toes to see over the counter, heeheeSo excited to be at the roller rinkLook at her go!Here's the crew......We had 10 out of the 21 that were invited. Unfortunately the H1N1 virus is running through her school. Luckily she didn't get it for her birthday, that would have been a terrible birthday present.Let's eat CAKE!
She had a WONDERFUL time! And despite her bruised knees, from falling down, she wants to go again real soon! The after the roller rink party we came home and had Papa Dan n Nana Claudia along with my mom's side o fthe family here at the house for dinner.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Avrianna!

Here is the birthday cake I made for her this year. I hope she likes it!
I can't believe my baby girl is 7 today, at 4:46pm to be exact. WOW - time flies! We are having a party at the roller rink with 18 of her friends and then we will be coming back to a feast with our family I believe we'll have 16 people over for dinner. Dan is smoking a roast and baking a ham, YUM! I will post pictures later today.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Hiding Out

I have cancelled all of Danny's therapies and well checks until.............well not too sure for how long. So we are hiding out until I get the all clear with the H1N1 that is running rampid through our community then maybe I will let up, but until then it's all NOT WORTH taking a chance with lil man. I had alil scare 2 days ago with Danny starting the secretions again. I really thought here we go again with a respiratory bug and him being ill! But much to my surprise today was a better day, phew.
One week from today and my lil girl turns 7, holy cow did time fly by. I swear all I did was blink! We are going to have a birthday party for her awith some of her friends at a roller rink then afterwards we'll have a family get together for dinner and a mini party with them. Avrianna goes in for her annual physical this week which will also consist of a flu plus a H1N1 flu shot (if the vaccine gets here in time) so I'm sure I will have alot of bribing to do for that. Wish me LUCK, lol!
Not too much to report so I guess that is a good thing :) Hope this finds all of you well.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

He's Back!

I have been seeing the smug look and even a smile here n there starting yesterday n today. I am so happy to see my lil man start to show himself again. I decided to put him in his stander this morning and he tolerated it for 1.5 hours. Way to Go Danny! Then he took a 4 hour nap this afternoon for, ugh. I'll take what I can get!
Danny's secretions have started to slow down too, phew! I can't believe how much goo can come out of one lil boy, non stop! I hope that this trend continues and this means he is FINALLY on the mend.
Avrianna is doing awesome in school and in the swim team! We started her in keyboard lessons and she is taking to the keys like a professional. AMAZING ~ Keep up the good work!
Please keep my dear FB friend, Katie, in your thoughts n prayers tonight as she took her best friend and sister home to be comfortable and around her children while she passes. It's been a very long road for this family ...... Thinking of you Katie n Girly! Hugs n Kisses
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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Miley Cyrus Concert

Well this surprise worked.....Avrianna had no clue she was going to see Miley Cyrus in concert until she saw the banner in front of the building as we crossed the street. WOW ~ Was she excited!
Of course we HAD to buy Miley stuff.......can we say break the bank, LOL
We were 10 rows down from the top of the building. Very HIGH....Avrianna was alil apprehensive at first but she warmed up and did stand up and dance during the concert
Reading the Miley program we got....she was in awe :) Getting close to a FULL imagine at least 50% of the building SCREAMING!!!!! My head rang the whole ride home. This is where the ear plugs would have come in handy, LOL. Or even some Tylenol, ugh
Can you find Waldo?Alil blurry, but could have the women do it again......We had a blast!Lights are going off......can you tell if she was excited?Lights off ..... let the show beginMy phone didn't take pictures well in the dark but you get the pictureHere if you look close you can see Miley riding a Harley in the air above the crowd.

Miley put on a good concert! I wasn't too impressed with the opener, Metro Station.....which happen to be Miley's older brother and Michel Musso's brother. Miley's HAD to be strung out on something and he was grabbing himself ALL the time. The music they played was good, but not appropriate for the age group the Miley pulls in, ugh! All in all a VERY good time and I'm glad I was able to hang out with Avrianna.

Not sure what we are going to do today....but I think we might carve some pumpkins. And we have to start to plan Avrianna's birthday party. She has to STOP growing up, sigh!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

EXCITEMENT all around

With all the craziness going on with Danny lately I get to go out tonight to more CRAZINESS. I am surprising Avrianna to the Hannah Montana concert tonight in Milwaukee. She has no clue! I laid out an outfit on her bed and told her to be ready, as I'm taking her somewhere special tonight, that's all she knows. I can't wait to see what her expression is going to be like. I will take lots of pictures and post them tomorrow. We are driving down this afternoon and then I will drive home after the concert tonight. It should be exciting!
Danny is still holding his own here at home. I can't say he is any better yet, but he isn't any worse so that's a good thing. The one on one care he is getting here at home with the nurses far more exceeds the care he can get in the hospital. Plus all the equipment he requires is here at our fingertips in the house. Let's not forget ALL the crap floating around the home is the BEST place for him right now. If for some reason I can't keep his sats up here at home then obviously he will have to go in, but he is doing OK right now here at home. Danny likes the roller coaster effect as he does really well for a couple hours and then wham he requires 4lts of oxygen, constant suctioning, and desats so he keeps up on our toes all the time. Totally exciting!!!
Today we saw snow flurries......are you kidding me?!? This is NOT exciting, but Dan would say different. He loves the "long john" weather. The kids and I not so much! While Dan was walking to the mail box this morning in the snow, heehee.......all of a sudden there was 3 deer (2 VERY large) that jumped out of the tree line ran past him and through our yard to the field behind us. It was SO exciting!!! I told Dan now he doesn't have to go to Tomahawk to go hunting they are right out our back and front door :)

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Spinning in Circles

I can't believe how many kiddos are sick with this bug! And how did it get in my house, sigh!
Well Danny is border line going into the hospital. The doctors would like to see him in the hospital so he can be monitored closer. The paperwork was already sent last night to the hospital and they are on stand by for him but the way I look at it as I would be doing the all monitoring anyway as the nurses are not one on one, like he gets here. They are not right in his room they just wait till his monitors go off, well by that time he has struggled so much and his shirt would be soaked in secretions, so I would be doing most of the cares in the hospital anyway, as I don't let him get that bad. Danny's reserve is VERY low right now, which is what worries me, every time we try to manipulate him he drops his sats or will even do a full blown apnea spell. When I try to do Mr. Jiggles or even hand CPT to move the crud around so it doesn't settle in his lungs more, he will drop his sats along with his heart it's the real deal. He stopped breathing on me 5 times yesterday with turning purple, his sats got as low as 59 and heart rate dropped right along with, but luckily he was easy to resuscitate. Before all of the real excitement yesterday I took Danny into see Dr Kasper in the morning for more labs, tests n xrays...Danny actually had the best labs that he's had in a very long time, which is great, but his xrays weren't too impressive and his cultures have started to come back showing strep, psuedomonas, pneumocacis - pnuemonia, but his flu test came back negative, phew! So here we go again! Poor guy hasn't fully recovered from the last respiratory illness and he's already VERY ill. My gut says keep him home away from the other bugs running through the hospitals, but then again what IF I can't get him going again easily next time? UGH!! Right now they would just be monitoring him/baby sitting him and again what are they going to do with him that I am not. One good thing is with the trache there is an open airway I can access and I can clear his secretions better. I am torn on what to do?! If I take him to the hospital here can they handle him or will they just send us down to Milwaukee again. It doesn't help the weather outside right now is TERRIBLE..... pouring rain 49 degrees and windy, not a good mix that I want to take Danny out in? Just me making excuses I guess.
Avrianna is getting better....she still has a soar throat in the morning, but I think it because she is so congested and coughs so much during the night that she breathes more through her mouth. By the time she is up and ready for the day it no longer hurts her. I am going to keep her from swimming this week in hopes to help her "recover" sooner.
I will keep you all posted on what we decide to do. But right now my plans is to try and manage him here. Tomorrow I have nursing from 9-9 so that will help me out alot. I might even get in a nap......probably not, but it sounded good, lol.
Please keep our blog family The Holman's in your thoughts in prayers. Their son Kyle passed away this morning and their other son Ryan is in the hospital sick. When it rains it pours!

Sunday, October 4, 2009


Yeap was here! Everyone was was a party, NOT! Of course it hit Danny the hardest and he is still hanging onto it. Dan, Avrianna, and myself are on the path to recovery but Danny not so much yet. Today is the 2nd day of 102 fevers and that's with Ibuprofen. He's stopping peeing on his own about 5 days ago so we've been cathing him religiously every 4-5 hours. Yesterday the blow out bowel movements stopped by and hasn't left yet either. If the fever doesn't break by tomorrow I will have to bring him in and have Dr Kasper work his magic. He's called here 2x a day to check on lil man, we are SO LUCKY to have a WONDERFUL pediatrician. We LOVE you Dr Kasper! So not too much to report just trying to get by.