Wednesday, September 30, 2009

This Rainbow popped out just as the cold front and nasty weather rolled in 2 days ago. It was amazing!
Now it's fall in Wisconsin...oh I mean winter already. I woke up this morning to temps in the lower 30's....YUCK!! I don't like cold, not at all! Wish we could be going to Florida still :(
Here we go again.......Danny is up to his tricks. Well it's not like he has anything to do with it, but it's more like what his system is doing too him. Danny's labs continue to drop, sigh. We have done alot of changing around with his food and his meds the last few days. Poor Dr Kasper, we've been keeping him very busy. The theory today is that his system has been holding onto too much fluid and now is overloaded screwing with Danny's levels, so the GI doctor is continuing to drop his fluid intake. Danny is now on 19oz of fluid in 24 hours...that is LESS then 2 cans of soda a day that he is getting. That's IT!! Danny has slowed down his urine production and he stopped peeing on his own 2 days ago so we are back to cathing every 4 -5 hrs....sigh :( I am going to be bringing in a cath'd specimen into Dr Kasper's office this afternoon so they can check a few things out. The other theory is that the seizure med we put him back on Trileptal is a MAJOR inhibitor to his sodium dropping so last night we changed over to Tegretol....I hope this is the one! Danny is on three seizure meds as it is and we are running out of options if this one doesn't work. The issue this morning is that he has been wretching something terrible and very sleepy. I called into Dr Kasper about the lack of pee and the wretching, and he feels the wretching could be a side effect of too much Tegretol so we dropped it down slightly and added back on Zofran. We'll see what the urine test shows this afternoon and then we are going to repeat the urine and blood work on Friday. Kinda wish they would have left the PICC line in longer now. Danny's meds are slowly increasing back up, ugh....just when I worked so hard to decrease some of them from the hospital stay. We are now giving him 4 meds @ 6am, 4 meds @ 9:30a, 8 meds @ 2p, and 8 meds @ 9:30. Danny was put back on Tamiflu as a precaution as the H1N1 is crazy here in our community and he was in contact already with someone that has been in contact with the Type A flu last week. SIGH!!! He was suppose to have his first PT session at the hospital this morning but the therapist is sick so lucky we stayed home. Danny has been sleeping most of the morning unless he is up wretching so I would have cancelled it anyway.
Avrianna is doing awesome in school. Her teacher called me yesterday just to say what a joy it is having Avrianna in the class and how wonderful she is doing. SMILE!!! I'm so happy she has adjusted so well in school. The swim team is going swimmingly, heehee. She loves it and her endurance is improving every day.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

"Big Green Tractor"

Dan's new toy: Take me for a ride on your "Big Green Tractor", heehee. Now the lawn mowing shouldn't take as long.Here's a picture of Danny's and his BFF Griffin when he was over visiting last week. Boy time flies...look how BIG they are

Danny continues to do well at home. What a difference! He went in to see the GI doctor yesterday. He was impressed that Danny was off the IV and TPN already, but not too impressed that Danny is still gaining weight....he weighed in at 66 lbs, OMG! Did you forget to tell Danny he is only 5!! So we decreased his food, again. He is getting the equivalent of less then 2 cans of soda a day, only 22 oz a day. He sodium and protein level also continue to drop so we have to limit the amount of "free" fluid he is getting as his body isn't absorbing them properly it is just getting rid of it, from what I understand. So this will be a work in progress and we will have to monitor it VERY CLOSELY. We will be doing labs and having to cath him regularly to get a more accurate test of how his body is doing. I had an IEP for Danny yesterday about his school therapies so now we are all on the same page of what is expected from all of us and they will be starting to come out regularly next week. I am also starting him with PT at the local hospital as I feel Danny needs to have more of medical based PT in addition to the academic part the school is doing. Especially now since this last illness he needs to regain most of the abilities he used to have as he has lost ALOT of what he could do. **SIGH**
I enrolled Avrianna in the Fox Valley Wave Swim Team this week. Here's my lil swimmer! Boy what a work out for her. They swim non stop for an hour.....her endurance is definitely being pushed in this program. This is what I was looking for. She is really enjoying it and making new friends in the process. They swim every Mon, Tues, Thurs, & Fri nights for an hour and then she can go to the meets on the weekends if we want. I'm sure we won't go to alot of them at first but as the years go on, we might. Swimming her laps.....she is so tired by the end of the "training", but I think this is a good thing.She has never dove off of anything and the first night she got right up there and attempted it. WOW ~ Way to Go Avrianna!Well need to get going Papa Dan (Dan's Dad) and Claudia are coming down and we are going to go out to eat and then come back home to enjoy the stories and maybe a few cocktails, heehee. They are staying longer then usual so Claudia and I are going to get an opportunity to get some shopping in this time, tomorrow. And we all know how much I LOVE to shop ~ Woohoo! Can't wait!
Please continue to keep our lil blog friend Moriah and her family in your thoughts in prayers, she is fighting for her life! Praying so VERY hard for you Moriah

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Happy Birthday!

So as a birthday/anniversary present to US....I surprised Dan with bobble heads of us :) I thought it was a neat idea...seeing the kids had a head bust done, that we should have something too. They are cool!! These were also done by the same local artist that did the head busts...Tim Brunn. Thanks Tim!!
My birthday was Friday and Dan's birthday is today. So September is a busy month for us :) Dan took off Friday afternoon to go up to Tomahawkto see the Harley festivities, hang out with his buddies, and cut some fire wood. I can't believe it's been cold enough in the morning that I can have a fire, so I'm really excited once we get the wood here to have my first fire in the fireplace. I LOVE wood burning fires, snap crackle pop and the smell in the house. SNIFF!! So we'll celebrate our days tonight. Well have a roast in the smoker and I think the kids n I will bake a cake. Well see how ambitious I feel later, heehee.
I decided to take the kids out shopping for awhile yesterday. I was alil intimidated taking Lil man out in public, but it went well. Check that off the list of firsts....New trache out shopping, CHECK! Boy did we find the deals :) I LOVE shopping when that happens. We were out for about 4 hours and then Danny had ENOUGH and wanted to be home out of his chair, NOW. Avrianna must have been wiped from all the shopping and playing yesterday as she is STILL sleeping, heehee.
I was considering getting a cleaning service to clean the new house but decided to go out and get some supplies and do it myself (well with my mother's help). The house still has dust on the walls, trim and vents, the floors are bad, and there are sticker marks on the windows. I think the builder got ripped as they got a cleaning service to tiddy up before the parade, hummmm so not up to MY standards. So it just needs a good DEEP clean and then it shouldn't be too bad to keep maintained, you all know me OCD is kicking in.
Avrianna is making new friends and LOVING it. She now has a friend in her class that lives just around the corner from us. This is great! The girls have played a few times and I think it will be a wonderful relationship that will last forever. They are two peas in a pod :) Avrianna everyday asks if she can call and have her friend over. I told her you don't want her to get sick of you, heehee. I'm so glad she is adjusting well to school and enjoying it. Avrianna started Brownie's so she's excited about that too. I am trying to get her in the Neenah Swim Team as she LOVES to swim and she is so good at it. I think it would be good to challenge her with her abilities (much like school) and get her out competing. I haven't heard from them as of yet, but hoping I will soon. I got a letter in the mail the other day and they are keeping Avrianna in second grade. I'm excited about that!
Danny is doing AWESOME! As of Friday he has been off the TPN and he is tolerating his formula great. So tomorrow, after Michael (his home nurse) draws the labs, we are going to pull the PICC line. I can't tell you how happy I am about that! I was more scared of the PICC line then the trache. So NO MORE PICC line!!!! The next step will be getting Danny to tolerate a faster rate so he can be off the pump more. We are in no real rush so it will be a work in progress, Danny's the boss :) Then we will have to talk with a dietitian to see what will be Danny's formula that he will be ending up on, whether we go back to Promote or if there is something else out there that has less calories but the nutrients that he needs. He is still gaining weight, but I think it was because for awhile there, at the end, he was actually being feed double with the formula and TPN. He is at 64 lbs now, WOW!
Stop by our lil friend Moriah's site as she has some MAJOR set backs this week and he is in critical condition. Send many prayers and thoughts their way. What an amazing family! I'm so glad to be included on their journey. BLUE RIBBONS everyone!!
Thanks for stopping by and checking up on us. Please let us know you were here, as we LOVE to hear from you too.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Picture Day

Avrianna had school pictures I thought I would go ahead and take a few myself this morning. I'm thinking I'm glad I did as when she got home from school she had in her hair a glob of glitter glue in her bangs. Avrianna and one of her lil friends thought it would be neat to have it in her hair for pictures. I knew I should have been there for pictures today. Guess that's what I get for relying on someone else to to get it done. UGH! Glad they are satisfaction guarantee cuz something tells me the glitter glue will be seen on the head shot that they do. GEEZ!So of course, after a MUCH NEEDED hair cut,....little man had to have his picture taken too :)
Boy I have some good looking kids, but I guess I'm partial!
Danny had a doctors appt yesterday with Dr Kasper in the office. Danny's first vehicle ride since we left the hospital. He LOVED it! He always likes to go out and about, plus he enjoys Dr. Kaspers office....I know he's alil different, heehee. The appt was about 1.5 hours it was ALL GOOD. Danny had an xray of his chest n abdomen also. After getting the original surgery report from the ITB pump and looking at the catheter placement now he is GOOD with that. I'm not sure why Milwaukee made a be ta do about it, but it's NOT going to fall out any time soon and there is ALOT of play yet. So we are starting to wean off the oral baclofen as he doesn't NEED it anymore. I can't believe all of the mistakes and misinformation that has gone on at CHOW. But now that we are back at home with Dr Kasper all is well. This Friday, the 18th, is my birthday and Dr Kasper is giving me the best birthday present from Danny.........OFF TPN ~ Woohoo! We are going to cap off the PICC line till Monday and after labs then we are going to pull it, before the GI follow up on Tuesday. I find it funny how the discharge paperwork for Danny's feeding was WRONG with no "plan" of what or where to go with on feedings once home, and the GI doctor that was going to follow Danny once discharged has been out of the country since we left the hospital. Won't they be surprised to see the TPN and the PICC line gone on Tuesday when that's when we were suppose to start the process of getting rid of TPN. Oh well....GET R DONE, I don't have time to wait on them!! Danny is SO LUCKY to have THE BEST PEDIATRICIAN ever. Danny would NOT be the lil boy he is today without Dr Kasper. We don't think of him as Danny's doctor he is part of our family!! Danny wasn't able to skooch out of the office without getting a flu shot, but he took it like a trooper with no tears or not so much as a whimper. He is my HERO! I am on guard Dr K first statement to me was "Don't let Danny near any school kids." "Why?" I asked.......well there ARE CONFIRMED cases of H1N1 in the Neenah School system. OH GREAT!! To ANYONE that comes over to visit or for therapies if you so much as feel just alil off (not even full blown sick) don't come over. With Avrianna not having a spleen and Danny....well being Danny, we can NOT GET afford to have the H1N1 virus. I am now really SCARED of my choice to send Avrianna to public school. I am going to talk with the school and see what precautions we can do. I've heard some families are having doctors write scripts up that if the school has more then 20% of kiddos out sick to pull the siblings out in the best interest of the family till the bug subsides. Not sure what we are going to do yet, but it weighs heavy on my mind. I know if there are ANY cases in Avrianna's school Dr Kasper wants to start treating Danny "just in case". I'm not sure about Avrianna but I will probably push for her too. I have talked with Avrianna about not playing with kiddos that are coughing or not feeling good and for I sent her a FULL container of hand sanitizer.
Avrianna and Danny were very excited yesterday as Lisa and Tammy, 2 of the day nurses that took care of Danny in Milwaukee, came up to visit. It was so nice seeing them! We will HAVE to do that more often.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

R&R time

Despite me not even knowing my head hit the pillow last night, I had a WONDERFUL do nothing kind of day yesterday. The Niemuth's , our BFF's and we sat around the pool, chit chatted, munched, and of course had a few cocktails. I can honestly say yesterday was the first day since we've been in the house that I did as little as possible. I enjoyed the house, Woohoo!! Then my sister and nephew came over the join the fun. Then my mother stopped by and called over one of her friends to hang out......the more the merrier I always say! LOVED IT! Thanks Connie for coming over it was so nice to see you guys and to sit back and relax, it was GREAT. I always say this but then something seems to cramp my style, but I'll say it again...WE NEED to do that MORE OFTEN! I think all the fresh air and beverages got to me so I was exhausted last night. I even cheated and gave lil man his nighty nighty meds a half an hour early so I could crash.

It didn't help that the last week I've been getting up with lil man around 3am and he is not impressed with SOMETHING.....and finding this something is getting old. We even changed out his humidifier AGAIN to see if that was the problem. Danny now has a cool mist humidifier instead of the warm. But nope that really wasn't it! The cool mist does help out BETTER for his secretions but he still decides to get up around 3 with a VERY HIGH heart rate and pissed off about something. He isn't crying out so I don't think it's pain, but again what do I know. The first night the cool mist humidifier wasn't set properly for Danny when the guys left so over night his was drowning in TOO MANY secretions. I was NOT a happy momma!! I think we are getting better at with tweaking the settings, but how frustrating. We've been home since August 24th and we still don't have his humidification under control. Why can't these machines work like the hospitals....makes me wish I had the air n oxygen lines run in the walls so I could have the same set up as them, but we are working with what we have.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Just Hanging Around

Today was a very stressful day for me. Lil man woke up literally drowning in his own secretions. We had the HME supplier come out yesterday and bring out a different kind of Trache humidifier as the heated one he was using wasn't doing the trick. Well the cool mist worked TOO well! The setting weren't properly set when the machine was brought out so that didn't help either. It took me ALL day to get him back to baseline but we got back, I was really worried this morning! I a most thought we were taking another trip back to the hospital. But a few breathing treatments, ALOT of suctioning, and some oxygen he was good to go. Danny has not been sleeping well so for the last three days we've been up around 3:30am...UGH! I hope tonight isn't a repeat. We have decreased his meds & TPN, increased his feedings, and he is off all pain killers once again. Alot has been going on since we've been home, but mostly all for the better. He is doing so much better being in his own environment. I hope in the next week we will be close enough of cap off the PICC line, but we'll see. His stools started to increase today pretty badly so I'm not sure if it's the feeding or the set back with what all happen this morning. I will ride it out for a couple more days to see if things get better.
Avrianna is absolutely LOVING school. She comes home and is a chatter box for the first 20 minutes about all that has happened at school. She LOVES riding the school bus and now refuses for me to wait for her at the end of the driveway for her at the end of the day.....she wants to get off the bus by herself. Avrianna enjoys her teacher, which makes me very happy! The public school system is growing on me, but the jury is still out.
I've requested another IEP meeting next week for Danny as I'm not impressed with the therapy schedule for him this year. I'm glad I am going to be able to sit down with all of them and get this resolved to be in the best interest for lil man.
Many have asked how I am doing since my treatment.....I'm doing ok. I can't say I feel any better, but the medicine isn't suppose to help with the symptoms I already have it is suppose to slow the process down. There is no cure for MS so they hope with this medicine I can slow it down. With the lack of sleep and my OCD attitude to have everything done and put away I've been pretty run down lately. My vision still isn't right and I can tell I'm weaker then normal. I hate that feeling!! The shots are really nothing, it's the 10-15 minutes after the shot that can be alil discomforting, but I can deal with it if it's going to help. I'm amazed how fast and furious this disease is......I WILL FIGHT IT, every step of the way with all the energy I have!!

Happy Birthday Brenda ~
Today is my lil sister's birthday! Hope you had a wonderful day!! Love YA
Labor Day festivities ~ we had my mom's side of the family here for a day filled with fun. Just hanging around the house swimming, eating, n drinking....maybe too much, LOL. All of a sudden I realized the "elders" are going down the slide, YUP my mom, my aunt, and of all people my 77 yr old grandfather who doesn't swim well. What a hoot! Everyone made it and no one had to call 911, LOL. Dan and I put on a spread.....Dan smoked a turkey, grilled a tenderloin, we made twiced baked potatoes, corn on the cob and tons of snackies. It was a great time!

The pool was full most of the day, I didn't get to go in the pool yet, but hoping to be able to sit down and enjoy the house one of these daysYing n YangCan't forget lil MAN!My mom the first of the dare devils to go down!Then my aunt....guess she didn't learn anything from her sisters ride a few minutes ago...This is a women whom I've NEVER seen do under, go down a water slide cuz the kids said she wouldn't get her hair wet, heehee so foolish!!!!Yeap then the big Daddy of them grandfather! I couldn't believe about living a second childhood. It was GREAT! After he recovered from drinking half the pool water.The Grill MasterMy grandmother and her mother (my great...the kids great great grandma). I'm sure wondering what in the heck got into my grandfather, LOLMy BIL flying his airplane at our casualties this time, LOL
Danny in his "NEW RIDE" ~ See I do use it! Not often enough, but it has gotten some use the last couple weeks. It's hard for me to slow down and use the lift instead of just picking him up and doing it myself, but I'm working on that. I don't need something to happen to him or myself. I would feel AWFUL! As my MS symptoms going into over drive I have to except that I need help as I've gotten weaker then I used to be. Here he is just hanging around and he doesn't seem to mind it so that makes it easier.Cruising down the hallwayGetting ready for the shower :)

Thanks for stopping by to check on us. Let us know you stopped by! We LOVE hearing from you too

Blue Ribbons

We are behind you Moriah! Praying here in Neenah, Wisconsin

Please support our Blog friend Moriah and wear a Blue Ribbon! She has been through so much already in her lil life and continues to be VERY sick. Stop by their blog Moment with Moriah to see how she is doing.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Golden Anniversary

8 years ago today...I married my best friend! Happy many can say they have a TRUE partner, friend, and lover that they can count on in GOOD times and BAD? How many can say their love is even stronger for ALL they've been through together? How many men would have ran with all that life has dealt our family?I did up this niche in the new house. Remembering our special day, the people we were back then, and all the memories we've made since then.

Well going to meet up with Dan for lunch while Danny has nursing today. I will post pictures later of our Labor, fun, and a GREAT TIME

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Our Dream Home

Thanks for being patient.....Here is my "Virtaul Tour" of our new home. I hope you like it. It's still a work in progress but for the most part it's decorated.
A BIG THANK YOU to ALL the contractors that stuck it through and helped to make our house and DREAM HOME. Thanks for being part of our family!
Built by Custom Family Homes, Mike VanHoof

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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Right track

Things around here are starting to get on the right track. I have most of the house decorated and organized, now I can sleep better, LOL. I still have to totally empty out the other house but most of the things there will be going to GW.
Danny is doing great! I have gotten alot of smiles today and the last two days he has been mostly out of bed, woohoo, with tolerating well.....BONUS! Thought I would share some pics Chilln out in the kitchen
Gotta LOVE that face!!!! He and I were having a conversation here. It just makes me smile to hear his voice. I was so afraid of never hearing him again, but once again Danny shows us all he is in charge. What independence!! I LOVE YOU BUDDY
And I'm working him hard here at home......yeap in his stander once again! He stood in it for 50 minutes and no fuss. Way to go!
Today Danny got a visit from Ms Maria (speech from last year) was so nice to see her. Thanks for stopping by! We were sad as she told us she will not be Danny's speech therapist this year. Danny did really well with Ms Maria so I'm really bummed that once again speech has changed. So far Danny has had a new speech therapist every year. At least they are going for consistency, right? We are going to miss you Ms Maria!!!! :( Tomorrow some of Danny's therapist are coming to see the house and see lil man so we can start a schedule for this year. I think we are going to have alot of new faces this year.
Avrianna is LOVING school and riding the bus. She has been waking up every day early (all by herself) and can't wait till the bus picks her up. Today she did the bus thing all by herself. She is very proud of her new found independence :) She comes home every day does her homework, tells us about her day, and asks "how much longer before tomorrow?". I'm very excited for her!
My baby is in there!!!!!! :)After her homework she goes for a dip in the pool
Today I went in for a follow-up appt with my Neurologist about my new symptoms. He did a few tests but he felt that until the symptoms disrupt my daily functions (aka falling, or blind spots, or so weak I can't get out of bed) that I should wait these flare up out and see how it does. My vision is off but I don't have any blind spots, I can't walk fast or I'll trip over my own feet, and my ability to do certain things has decreased. BUT I'm still moving on and pulling forward. Some days are harder then others but right now it's ok. I'm amazed at how fast everything has come on.....3 months ago I thought I pinched a nerve in my back to all of this. I did go and FINALLY get a hair cut! Here's the new do

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Clean Slate

Today is NEW day! Everything is going smoothly today :) Danny is still sleeping so either the shower yesterday stressed him out more then I thought or he is growing again (these kids just don't listen, heehee). The bus driver had changed the route already today to pick up Avrianna in front of our street and she got to ride the school bus. He is very nice and from the talk around he is an awesome bus driver, that makes me happy. She was SO EXCITED! I went to school anyways to chat with the teacher on my feelings about yesterday and Avrianna. We are ALL GOOD with that. I forgot I gave her the blog address so she already read what I put on here last night. She understands where I am coming from and I think it's a new "beginning" today. Then the principal wanted to talk with me in her office....oh the memories, heehee. She read the blog too. We had a wonderful conversation in her office and we are ALL now on the same page. I feel so much better today that we all know where each other are coming from. I'm very protective of Avrianna and I know her in & out so I tend to be alil over bearing when it comes to my kids. Yesterday was just an emotional day for me as it is. But today is NEW day.... we are pulling forward and moving ahead in a positive light!
Yesterday our family dog, Bailey, came home for the first time to the new house. I think she will do just fine we just need to keep her out of the pool and the retention pond (yuck).

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


I really started today off on a good note. I held my head high thinking I was doing the right thing and sending Avrianna to public schools. No matter how much I really wanted to home school I knew that right now I might not be able to give her what she needs. So off to school we went today. She was so excited! We went alil early so I could get her to her class room and get some of the ins n outs of the place. I was really feeling good about my decision when I left the building, alone. I felt she would get what I couldn't give her right now. I didn't even cry..... well maybe just alil.

I came home to a bunch of running around with my head cut off. I am really getting sick of running here, there and everywhere once I'm at home. This moving is getting OLD really fast. Once it's done it will be so nice, but right now I'm not liking it at all. I feel as if I'm running around in circles but not getting much done. UGH!

I finally had to just tell myself, ENOUGH and I gave lil man shower. THANK GOD, Michael was still here as the great lounge idea in the shower was a flop. It was so unsafe for lil man. I just sat and cried afterwards! I'm frustrated........I hate the fact I just can't pick up my baby boy and DO IT. I have to rely on slower equipment to help. Then when we put something in to "help" me out with him it doesn't work and makes it even more difficult. I'm so sad about it all. Why does he have to grow up and why can't I just do it anymore? All very good questions but I already know the answers, it's just hard for me to except. It didn't help that Avrianna had school today as it's another reminder that I can't do it. I did leave a message with my neurologist today to see if the MS symptoms I'm having warrant more treatment or to just ride them out, but I haven't heard back from them yet.

About 15 minutes after I got home from picking Avrianna up from school, well following the school she wanted to try the bus route for the ride home, I get a phone call from the principal already. Are you kidding me? Well it seems they are concerned that Avrianna is 6 and in 2nd grade already. They wanted me to drop her back to 1st grade because of her age. SERIOUSLY? She missed the cut off by only a month and half people. And she is smarter then some of the 3rd graders out there. Give her a chance to show you what she can do before calling the first day without assessing her. I am getting mixed answers and back pedaling now once I called them on their idea and went to administration. So now I'm on guard. My faith in the system is dwindling and I'm totally upset over it. The whole reason of us starting Homeschooling was cause the lack of faith I had in the school district and now I'm already getting crap the first day. They are not showing a good case for themselves to me as of now....I hope it improves and this is all a misunderstanding. Avrianna overheard my phone conversations and is now upset as she "Doesn't want to go back to 1st grade". GREAT! I feel terrible as our first experience is well short of good. I WILL pull her from the school district and home school if they are so set about putting her in 1st. How confusing for her.....the principals idea was to pull her out and put her in 1st grade tomorrow and if she shows she needs to be in 2nd the put her back, UM NO! Why am I thinking that would be a VERY bad idea to do to her instead of them? She maybe only 6 but she is VERY smart and she is a social butterfly (so they can stop the socializing act on me for homeschooling, I didn't do to bad AT ALL). I'm so disappointed already! What's wrong with this system? Did I make the right decision? She LOVED school so pulling her out to go back to home school her would be like pulling teeth EVERYDAY. She is going to stay in 2nd grade and after the schoolwide assessment they will get back to me about how she did. I'm sure she will do great and show them all, but I'm just upset with them right now!

1st Day of School

Avrianna's first day of school ~ 2nd GradeHer first "official" schoolMrs Kubiak her teacherHere 2nd grade Room
She was SO EXCITED that she has a locker!
Yeap right up in out Mrs Kubiak! Heehee She's already to learn!

Danny is doing great! His labs that we did yesterday were just about normal, but shhhhh don't tell Danny. I am going to attempt his first shower today with Michael, I can't take any more wipe bathes. Wish me luck!