Wednesday, December 30, 2009

What's up

Danny had a doctors appt this morning and we are finally to the point where we can start to back off some of his treatments, Yahooooooooo! Danny's lungs haven't sounded so good in a VERY LONG TIME. I'm hoping this means he has finally kicked this bug and I can ONLY HOPE that is stays away for an even LONGER TIME. So far Danny's blood work has come up great but we are still awaiting his liver function and med levels. I'm going the with the theory that everything has gone well today so the rest will too :) Dr Kasper was going to refer us back to the local physiatrist so she can follow Danny's tone and therapies and we don't have to travel down to Milwaukee to have him seen. Danny's right hand/wrist is definitely in the beginning of a contracture so I would like to try a slow the process down as much as possible. I have call into Danny's PT to see when he can come out and what he recommends the next steps in caring and maintaining Danny are.
Avrianna is having a blast during winter break, playing with her friends, and sleeping in! Tonight she is having 3 girlfriends sleep over, god help me, lol. So the preparations have begun to have a great slumber party, which is keeping her pretty busy. I can't wait to see how she is going to be like when the regular school routines start to kick back in this weekend, UGH I might need some serious backup, lol.
Dan was able to go the Packer game on Sunday with his buddy. They had a great time and what a great game to be at :) It's way too cold for this beach bunny to go out and watch a football game so I'm glad Dan was able to go with his friend. Dan has been able to spend some quality time at the old house to get it prepared to go on the market soon :) That will be nice to get that off of our plate of things to do.
The New Year is going to be another low key holiday for us. Which isn't too surprising as we are not big in the "Amateur" night festivities. We are going to have a close friend over for dinner, a couple cocktails, and then possibly a movie. I'm sure as years before I won't make it till the ball drop....funny thing is the new year still comes when you are safe and warm in bed. PLUS I don't feel like crap this next day. I HOPE that 2010 is a low key and HEALTHY year for The Osero's. We've had alot happen in 2009 so it would be nice to just have R&R year.
Please keep Danny's BFF Griffin in your thoughts as he is still recovering from a bilateral Pneumonia.
Please keep our good friend Mattman in your thoughts n prayers as he coded yesterday and is in the Children's ICU floor in St. Louis.
Please keep the Arnoldussen family, Dan ~ one of the contractors that worked with our new home, in our thoughts as his funeral is on Saturday.
And please keep my Brother in Law's family (the Dederings) in your thoughts as his Uncle Mike lost his life the day after Christmas.

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