Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Snow Storm Allison

We'll hanging around the fireplace today ~ Sipping some hot toddies :)Holy Blizzard.....this one is ranking just about the strongest winter storm in December EVER! I'm so glad I'm here to enjoy it, NOT!! Already 12" in 20 hours and we still haven't gotten to the middle of this storm yet. Winds are about 35mph with guts of 51mph. UGH. Then tonight the temps are suppose to drop to negative numbers, YUCK! I do have to say it is pretty though.... this is what we woke up too this morning :)Dan using the new tractor with the snow blower....boy I bet he's glad he got that attachment :)Here is Avrianna playing the snow after school yesterday...attempting to build a snowman. Well today she won't have a problem, other then finding an area of snow that won't consume HER, lol. (I have no idea how I did this picture, but I LOVE it)Danny's Christmas present came so we decided to give it to him early as that is ALOT to wrap. He seems to enjoy it already, but of course it isn't approved until Avrianna tests it out.
Here are some pictures of Avrianna at her swim meet this weekend in Shawano. She got ribbons for 11 and 12 place in her 3 heats. Her third one she would have gotten 9th but got DQ'd for not properly pushing of the wall
Cheering her other team mates on
So serious....getting ready for her 25 FLYCoach Curt discussing the last heat with Avrianna
I LOVE this picture of her
Here Avrianna is doing the backstroke....she is in the 4th lane...look for the lime green goggles. She is doing so well. I'm SO PROUD of her...and as you'll hear, I'm her biggest fan :) (she came in 2nd in this heat)

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