Monday, December 14, 2009

Danny's Birthday Party

It's ALL fun n games till Santa finds out, LOL!Saturday the 12th we had Danny's 6th Birthday Party....his birthday isn't till the 23rd, but we were suppose to be leaving for Florida this week so I wanted to have a party for him with all his buddies before we left (now we are NOT going to Florida)Danny's birthday cake made by : MOM, I love you buddy!Our VERY special Guest! Amazing how busy this man is this time of year and yet he still takes time out to visit Danny and his friends :)Look at Danny look at Santa......I know he "saw" Santa that night. I saw this picture and just cried. I get emotional this time of year anyway, but when a complete "stranger" comes and connects with Danny .......well it just makes me one happy Momma. Thanks Santa you've already given me the best present EVER! If Danny can't get to Santa.........Santa will come to Danny :) I think this picture ranks as an all time fav!We ended up with 32 adults and 18 kiddos (5 of them in chairs). Santa spent time with each kid and then stayed for everyone to get family pictures if they wanted. It was wonderful! Now I think the builder understands why we built the house the way we did, it's all about the kids :)Here's my Mom (aka Nanny) with her elves! Unfortunately Danny wasn't able to stay out for his whole party. I'm not sure if it was all the excitement or a mucus plug that got stuck but he needed to go back to his room so we could do back to back breathing treatments and put him on oxygen :( I was pretty bummed, but he recovered well enough to come back out so we could sing Happy Birthday to him before we cut the cake. Reality slap in the sick he has been and still is, it's hard not to dwell in those dark places we don't want to mention. How many more parties will he have? Which makes EACH n EVERY moment and memory more special. Thanks to ALL that came to help celebrate Danny's Birthday!! He's definitely growing into my "Lil Man" :)
Danny will be going back into see Dr Kasper tomorrow for more labs. I was going to bring him in today but his temp is controlled with Ibuprofen still and the weather isn't the best to driving or taking Danny out in. We've talked every day with Dr Kasper on the phone ...... what a wonderful man! Danny is SO LUCKY to have THE BEST pediatrician EVER! I've said it before and will say it ALWAYS.....we are indebted to Dr Kasper as I KNOW Danny would not have made it this far without this man. His compassion and commitment to my son is irreplaceable. Unfortunately Danny's liver function have doubled in the last week so we are going to tweek his meds and if that doesn't work we going to have to bang around heads together once again, UGH!

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