Monday, December 21, 2009

Catching UP

Ohhhhhh what a slacker I have been on the blog, Sorry! Let's see what we've been up too. It's been a very busy week for us.
Avrianna, in addition to her swim meet practices 3x a week, has started private piano lessons on Tuesdays. She really enjoys it and she is really taking to the piano fast :)
On Thursday Avrianna had her school Christmas program. She did wonderful!! She LOVED dressing up in her formal attire.Yeah the social butterfly chit chatting on stage, lolOn Friday she had her Brownie Christmas get together at the troop leaders house. Here is most of the troops .... standing proud with their hats n mittens that they collected for the mitten drive.Then Saturday I took Avrianna to The building for Kids for 3 hours to participate in a Sibshop with the Sibling Support group. She had a blast playing with everyone!
I just got back from running her to the doctors office as she woke up this morning with a soar throat....I was thinking it was due to her breathing through her mouth last night, but when I picked her up from school, after I volunteered in the school holiday shop, I could tell she wasn't running on all cylinders. Well leave it to my kids to get sick over winter break....boy am I glad we're not in Florida, HAHAHAHAHAHAHA (can you sense the sarcasm). The rapid strep test came back negative, but that doesn't mean I won't be getting a phone call in a day or two to run to the pharmacy as it grew out in the culture. She is running a fever, pale, chills and is tired so something it brewing. I'm hoping she'll be better in the morning, but she hasn't been ill in awhile. UGH!! Lets hope she doesn't share this! AS..........
Danny is starting to feel better, whoohoooooo! We sat at Dr Kasper's clinic for 2 hours this on Thursday to do a trial on Tobi (a breathing treatment) which went well. We had thought Danny had a reaction to this particular med when in the hospital this summer, but so far no reactions. This is GREAT! The doctors feel this is the best neb for Danny to be on to help fight off the bug he has had forever. So I'm glad we did the trial and that Dr Kasper took time, on his day off, to spend in the clinic to watch over Lil Man....have I told you how lucky we are to have the best ped. around? If the Tobi and new oral antibiotic doesn't work then Danny will have to go in for a PICC line and we'll have to treat him with heavy IV meds.
Wednesday the 23rd at 5:56pm Danny will be 6 yrs old ~ where does the time go? I can't believe he will be 6. What a hard road this year has been for him, I look back at this year and I can't believe what he had went through. I hope n pray that 6 is a good number and he'll be able to enjoy this year instead of fighting for his life n the hospitals. He is starting to vocalize more and his smile is starting to show up more and more. Just brings tears to my eyes knowing how close we were to losing him this summer, I'm so blessed to have more time with him :) Tomorrow will be and has been a rough day for me as I usually dwell on things the day before his birthday and try to get it out of my system before his SPECIAL DAY.
Christmas is going to be very low key here at The Osero's. We are going to make dinner for Christmas Eve and play games hanging out together as a family. Then Christmas morning we'll wake up open our gifts and hang out in our jammies for most of or all of the day playing with our toys, munchin on munchies and making a nice dinner in the evening. Ahhhhhhh ~ I LOVE IT! We did this last year and enjoyed it so much that this is going to be our tradition every year. Spending it with the kids and NO Hustle n Bustle! There is enough time off of school where we can get together with our families and celebrate. The whole idea of cramming everyone & thing in two days is just insane.
Thanks for following our story. Please sign our guestbook or post a comment to let us know you stopped by....we LOVE hearing from you too :) Take care, Be Safe, and Have a Wonderful Holiday

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