Monday, December 28, 2009

The Osero's Christmas

Our Christmas tree in the morning....PHEW, Santa cameLooks like we were Good this year
Where's Danny?
Avrianna's stash
My two favorite Dan's!Ah ~ so sweet
She looks sweet and innocent in these pictures.......Boy does she have you fooled! LOL My mom got her this formal dress for her dress-up box. She and her friends wear it all the time.
Here are the socks I cross stitched for each of us
Avrianna helping Danny by reading him the Title of the movie he got
Avrianna got the Digial Piano and the Wii Disney Sing It so she has been singing and playing her lil heart out. Dan got the Wii hunting game and he's been shooting things left n right. I got a coffee/cappicinno (all in one) machine so I've been drinking alot of caffine, heehee. I also got a digital picture frame so I'm really excited to get all my favorite pics together and showcase them off in there.
We had a very low key Christmas once again this year. It was just us four and we hung around in our jammies, played with our toys, cooked together and ate like royality. IT WAS AWESOME! We had no where we had to be and I just loved not running around like crazy people for the holidays. This will DEFINITELY be our tradition for many years to come.
Avrianna has off of school this whole week and she is counting down the days she has "left to play". She is having a great time playing with the neighbors :)
Danny managed to stay well over Christmas and I can only hope this continues into the New Year. He will be going back into see Dr Kasper later this week for labs plus I want him to take a look at Danny's right hand/wrist. It looks to me like he has a contractor there, UGH! Never a dull moment with this BOY, that's ok it keeps me out of trouble. LOL
I am going to participate in a MS walk April 2010 as many of you know I was diagnosed with MS in June of 2009. If you'd like to pledge a donation in my honor please click on the link in the left column or click HERE. You can help walk the journey with me and join my team, My New DreaMS also by clicking HERE. Thanks for your support!

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