Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Upward strides

Just hanging around......Avrianna thinks it's cool to travel through the house on Danny's liftHey....what are you doing?!?We decided to have a SPA day here the other day........Yeah even Danny got to enjoy it and be pampered! Oh tis the lift :)
Today marks the 1st complete week Danny has been OFF OF OXYGEN 24/7. I'm so excited! He's ALWAYS needed alil help at night since the first illness the beginning of October so this is WONDERFUL :)
Tuesday, yesterday, we had PT Dan come to the house and "work" on Danny. My boy shined :) He held his head up high the whole time he was suppose to and even was able to look side to side then bringing his head back to midline. PT Dan also put Danny on each side and Danny rolled on his own from BOTH sides to his back. WAY TO GO, Lil Man! With Danny back to his base line I have started back up therapies, starting next week. Cross your fingers we make it longer then a week without him getting sick again. I'm also looking into getting some private physical therapy for Danny, one that has more of the medical twist to it. I believe Danny will benefit from more PT.
Danny has to go back into see Dr Kasper on Friday for more labs.....his liver functions were still off from last weeks so we are going to redo them, see what comes from these labs and possibly adjust some of his meds AGAIN. Next week we see Danny GI doctor here in the Valley and I'm really excited to FINALLY show him a WELL BOY :) I hope we get good reviews from GI this time around.
Avrianna has another swim meet, this time in Wausau this weekend and we are making it our first FAMILY function since Danny has been trached. Well see how Danny does cheering on his Big Sis!
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Angoraknitter said...

Wow...what a fun ride that must be!