Monday, January 11, 2010

We DID it!

With MUCH reservation and nerves the whole family went on our first "vacation" since Danny's trache surgery. We spent the weekend in Wausau to cheer on Avrianna at her swim meet. I wasn't sure I was going to even get to go there, as Friday morning Danny wasn't being himself and was in some obvious pain, but obviously I couldn't find it (which is happening more n more, sigh). I have an email into the doctors about that! But after medication and some time Danny relaxed and we went (packing everything including the sink, heehee). I thought we had alot to bring before but that was nothing compared to what we need now....the full size van was PACKED! Unfortunately whether we stay one night or 5 I need to bring EVERYTHING. Thankfully the nurse was there Friday to help me make sure I had everything. Our "vacation" went OK, by Saturday at 1am I was ready to go home already. Danny decided he needed to be up, he was acting like he was having reflux and then started to tremor with discomfort. He and I finally fell back asleep around 6:15 to be woken up at 7:30 to get ready to go watch Avrianna swim, UGH! Then when we were getting him ready he decided to have a repeat of this episodes of pain and needed to have additional meds :(. He did calm down before we left for the meet and was a prince the rest of the day. With the cold temps and the van being parked outside the lift didn't work properly all day so I'm VERY THANKFUL Dan came with us or I wouldn't have even been able to get out of the hotel parking lot in the morning to get Avrianna to the meet,UGH! Saturday night was more "boring" and we got to sleep in more.
Here's my lil swimmer at the swim meet in Wausua.....she rocked the pool once again :) Avrianna got 4 out of 6 ribbons.... she placed 10th in the 25 back & 50 free, 7th in her first ever IM relay, and 8th in the 25 free. She DQ'd on her 25 butterfly (but the coach and I are not sure why) and on one of her backstrokes (if she wouldn't have gotten DQ'd she would have placed 9 & 6th for those)
Coach CurtAvrianna's BIGGEST fan club!
Now don't they look like trouble, heehee. Unfortunately the seating in this school is upstairs and they don't have an elevator, BUT we were able to sit in the corner of the pool entrance so WE got a front row seat, :)My two fish!
This next weekend I will be taking Avrianna to Green Bay for another meet but just on Saturday. She needs to be in the water at 7am (wow, they obviously don't know I'm not a morning person) so we'll have to leave the house around 5:30. She is entered in 6 races for that day so she is going to be on tired lil girl when she is finished :)
While we were in Wausau we got a chance to meet a wonderful women, Annie and her son, Zak. She found us actually by going through our house this summer in the parade to get some ideas for her two children that have special needs, and I've been chatting with her ever since. I'm so glad we finally got a chance to meet in person. Annie is a remarkable women and Zak was an inspiration, not to mention alil sweetheart. I can't wait to meet the rest of the family, I think we could do some damage putting our idea together, heehee. To follow their story click HERE
This week is pretty busy for us. Today we had the vision teacher stop by to see Danny and Avrianna has piano tonight. Tomorrow we are seeing Danny's GI doctor here in Fox Valley in the morning, I'm really interested in seeing what he has to say with Lil Man, then PT in the afternoon...... Avrianna has swim tomorrow night. Wednesday afternoon Avrianna has a dentist appt to get her teeth cleaned, which is normally a chore as she's not a fan of the dentist. Thursday Danny is going to have a private PT coming in to the home and assess him then we can get him on the books to come work regularly with lil man. Then Avrianna has swim at night. Friday Avrianna gets out of school early, swim in the evening and Danny has therapy in the afternoon. WOW ~ and the next week isn't looking too boring either, lol. I guess it keeps us out of trouble being so busy.
Dannys labs from Friday still show his liver function going in the wrong direction so we once again tweeked some of med dosing and we'll repeat labs again some time this week. Of course Danny needs to keep it exciting and added to the ever growing list....... his blood sugars decided to drop, not sure why but again we'll recheck it this week. It's never a dull moment!!
Thanks for stopping in and checking in on us!

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