Monday, January 18, 2010


Avrianna's wall of Ribbons..... I'm so proud of my baby girl! Way to GO Girl! She's only gone to 4 swim meets and look at all of her ribbons :) She has one more meet in Clintonville before the season is over. I think this will be the last meet till Fall, but who knows she might want to do the summer season too.
Here's Danny's ambition level after PT Peter's work out this morning, heehee. Danny did wonderful and tolerated alot more then I thought he would :) He sat upright 90 degrees, laid flat on his tummy, moved his head to the left (elective), and not to mention all the stretching. I guess he's entitled to a nap. WAY TO GO, Lil Man..... shhhhhhhhhhh :)My lil chatter box! My biggest fear of having the trache done this summer was that I would no longer be able to hear that beautiful voice Danny has. Well he LOVES to prove his mother wrong.....listen to this music to your hears. I LOVE this boy so MUCH!!!!!!

Danny and I have another trip down to Milwaukee this week. A fun filled day of appts.....Ortho, Urology, and rehab to have his pump refill. I see the weather is suppose to cooperate for the drive down, whooohooo.

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