Friday, January 15, 2010

Playing around

Foxy is a new friend that has found our yard to be it's play area. I've seen him the last two days walking in our backyard. Well this morning I found Bailey chasing it, UGH! Now I'm concerned that these two are really going to tango or that Foxy will be around when Avrianna walks home from the bus.Amazing how fast your thinking can turn to a thought of beauty n awe to fear.
Here's Danny playing around with his newest PT. It's so cool that PT Peter is working once again with Peter was the first PT ever to work with Danny in the NICU when he was first born. Once again I'm amazed with my Lil Rock Star! He's holding his head with awesome control, interacting with us, and sitting/standing like NEVER before. Danny looks SO BIG, when did my Lil Man grow up? Where did the time go?
I just LOVE looking at this picture!Danny's facial expressions say it ALL. ..... you want me to do what?Danny is playing his tricks that he's got up his sleeves once again. Since Monday nite he has been bleeding from his trache (Tuesday he was alot) so Aleana (RN) and I took him to CHOW to have him assessed. This was the first time he was back to this hospital since his summer "camp" and he was NOT impressed when we got in the front door. He got very upset, turned red, and became super duper spastic. He knew exactly where he was and didn't like it :(. I tried to reassure him we weren't staying but NO GO so I had to give him something to calm him down or his would have worked himself into a serious tizzy that could have made us stay, I was NOT having that! But after his meds he calmed down and he really had a great appt. Here Danny is chilln out listen to his iPod waiting for the doctor to come in and scope his trachea.
The low down on today was......Xrays showed nothing exciting :), the aspirate cultures grew out only spit but they still did a new culture in the clinic just to be sure :), the docs down in CHOW are now not so excited about the bleeding once they saw how awesome lil man looks :), they were able to get an ENT to come in and do a scope down the trachea to see if they could find any issues :)
Issues with bleeding could be due to (best to worst) ~ pneumonia which we ruled out, granulanoma (scar tissue) due to suctioning or rubbing of the plastic, or from a blood vessel. Of course with the scope they found Danny's issue to be ............ a Blood vessel, BUT it really isn't too bad as it was small and the irritation is located in the opening of the trachea so they were able to easily cauterize it. Hopefully that will take care of it. The theory is it's because of his sensitivity to foreign matter (plastic of the Trache) and the skin broke down. The ENT doc said that Danny's lower trachea area looked awesome especially with how sick he has been. Next visit with the Trache team will be in 3 months :)
Other then the bleeding issue Danny has been doing WONDERFUL! He had a GI appt here in the FV clinic and we got good reports there :) Next specialist appts will be next week,Thursday, back in CHOW to see the Ortho to address Danny's pain, hip, and kyphoscoliosis ~ Urology to address Danny's kidney & Bladder issues ~ and Danny is going to have his Baclofen pump refilled with the Rehab doc.
Tomorrow is another bright n early day as Avrianna and I will be leaving the house around 6am for a swim meet in Green Bay. She is due in the water by 7am and she is entered in 6 races so we'll see what her energy is like in the afternoon, LOL. We are driving with another mom and Wave swimmer so it should be a nice trip. Go Avrianna!

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ANewKindOfPerfect said...

Wow, the fox is beautiful but you're right - scary at the same time! I'm glad that your ER trip wasn't too bad and that the problem was hopefully solved. :)