Monday, September 26, 2011

Sleep Study

We were able to bust out of CHOW Saturday morning around 10:15. So it's been a bit chaotic around here, so sorry for not updating.Friday was a very low key day as we sat around and waited for the sleep lab to call Danny down to start his study. We went down around 8pm and he got prep'd for the study. I'm not sure about you but there is no way I would be able to sleep with all this jazz on me. Danny slept right through all the commotion. And commotion there was....seeing we were not on the floor for the study his nurse had to come down with his feed, meds, and she wanted to flush n cap off the Med port. Meds were given, feeds were started and the Port was .................PLUGGED! UGH!! I guess when the IV fluids were stopped in the am it was never flushed with heparin. So his nurse had to go back up stairs to figure out what was going to be done. The CVL team stated the port NEEDED to be functioning even if we weren't using it because they needed to find out if the clog was in the line or the port. Luckily the TPA worked in the line OR he was going to get reaccessed. If that didn't work....they said they would have had to put in a whole new med port. OMG that would have been awful. THANKFULLY it all worked out. By the time we were done farting around with him in the room the study really should have gotten some go results from about 10:30 till 2am, as this is when he decided he needed to get up. GO FIGURE! They poked his finger for a blood gas at 5:30am and back upstairs we went to wait till rounds and the ok to leave. We were on the road around 10:15am and in the door around noon. Ahhhhhh! We were both exhausted but I still had alot to do. Unpacking, waiting for the DME to get here with supplies, and everything else...heehee. Of course the supplies that my DME supplier wasn't compatible with everything SO.............we have done some tweaking. The first nite wasn't the easiest as vent alarms were going off through the nite. Puff and I have a love hate's making it really easy to love to hate it. But by Sunday nite it wasn't too bad. See you can teach an old dog new tricks :)
This afternoon a certain Lil Man scared the H%!! out of me, Gail, and Dr Kasper. I guess the new BP med had finally hit his system and ..............NOT SO GOOD! He was very pale, wouldn't arouse, low BP, and heart rate was 26!! HOLY $H!T!! NOT COOL!! I called Dr K up and we agreed to hold the med for right now and keep a close eye out on Danny. I think we all had to change our shorts after that lil stunt!! 5 hours later Danny is up in his chair awake and smiling ~ ROTTEN I tell ya, just plain out SASSY. I swear he just shaved a few years off my lifespan today. Thankfully he seems to be doing well right now. BUT man, just reminds me how fast things can go down hill.
I am still awaiting to hear how the study went and if there needs to be any changes. My gut says we will need to change his trache to a cuffed one as there is a HUGE leak out of his nose, mouth and under his trache. The study will tell!
Thanks again for checking in on us :)

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