Thursday, September 15, 2011

Back to the "Schedule"

Well school is back in session and we are adjusting to our busy schedules of therapies, swim, school, and programs. I am very excited to see what great things this year is going to bring to the Osero Household. Both kids have great teachers/therapist....and of course Mom, heehee.

The kids School Pictures this year! WOW ~ did they grow up
Yesterday Danny had a WONDERFUL day with PT Peter. Here is a video of my Lil Man working so hard. Not only is he standing tall in his stander, he's holding and moving his head, tracking things, swallowing right, following what we ask of him to do, and trying to communicate....some may not see the BIG picture and think this to be nothing much, but this was a GREAT day for Danny :)

Here's alil video of Avrianna and her friends....Jammin away to Wii Dance. You can't help but smile watching them. They LOVE the Wii!!

It's that time of year and once again Dan is out hunting trying to find that Big score.....after 8 yrs of waiting for a bear license in WI he has his opportunity to get a Bear. Here is the HUGE beast that has been hanging around his stand. I told him he'd better be a good shot, cuz he's going to be an appetizer to this thing. AMAZING!! and Crazy that he wants to go in the woods when this Teddy Bear is there....NO WAY!
Last nite The Fox Valley Wave Swim started for the season. We are back in the swim of things. She will be swimming 4 days a week for 75 minutes and she will be participating in 6 different swim Meets throughout WI between Nov - Feb (Meets usually consist of Sat & Sun and being in the water by 8am -about 11)
We FINALLY got a watermelon ripe. We JUST picked this 2 days ago ~ this is the 3rd one we've picked but the first one that was ripe enough to eat. Not sure we are going to do Watermelons again. BUT boy is it delicious!!
Our Tomato canning stash from this years harvest.....BUT a mental note IS ~ Do NOT trust Dan's sense of "heat" as ALL OF THESE ARE TOO HOT for us to eat. The recipe has now been rewritten and there will be NO MORE crushed red peppers put in. YIKES!!
It's a good thing that we harvested everything out of our garden....this morning there was frost as the temps were in the low 30's last nite. Um BRrrrrrrrrr ~ I'm not ready for this!!
Next week is going to be a busy one medically ~ per say....
First we have an appt to see Danny Neurologist and talk about what's been going on with Danny. He's FOREVER changing his neuroligical status and with the last EEG showing no active seizure activity during these episodes we have to figure out what's going on during these and see if they are causing more damage and/or if they can be treated. My gut says not so many good things are happening with him as they are coming on more frequently and intense :( Despite his smile and laugh these are NOT FUN! More poor bug ~ even the neurologist stated how heartbreaking it was to watch Danny in this video ;(

Straight from that appt is down to CHOW for a 4 day stay to get him set up on the vent. So Dan will be on Avrianna duty....god help him ~ LOL. I'm anxious about the vent, I'm not going to lie. I'm all for helping Danny's and giving him a better quality of life, but it's just scary step and I'm sure it's going to be very frustrating to get the vent to play nice with Danny. NOTHING goes smoothly so I'm already anticipating a struggle :( But we will get through this too, one day at a time, I'm sure of it!
Thanks for stopping by and checking on us!!

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