Thursday, September 1, 2011

4th GRADE!!

Today was Avrianna's first day of 4th Grade! Wow where does the time go!
Up early and excited for her first day....she was ready. There was a little anxiety with getting the new teacher but after meeting Mrs Froehlich at the Open House all the uneasy was wiped away.
Mrs Froehlich and Avrianna

Mrs Renning ~ Principle of Lakeview
I hope for exciting new things this year :)
Looking so professional and grown up!

Waiting patiently for the day to begin.....
And she was off.................
I was waiting patiently at the front door for her to return to tell me all the wonderful things that happened on her first day............................for her to walk in the door in tears. OH NO!! Well school went great, BUT it all took a back burner to the school bus ride home. UGH!! The bus driver isn't the nicest from what I'm hearing from other friends.....but she missed Avrianna's stop and went around the block and when Avrianna was telling her where the stop is, the bus driver argued with her and dropped her off down the road not even at a stop. Avrianna told her that wasn't her stop but proceeded to make her walk home. Needless to say Avrianna was very upset about it all....and so IS MOM. I got on the phone right away with the depot to find out what was going on, for them to argue with me, WTH. You've picked the wrong Mom on the wrong DAY to argue with. He told me that it could be because the district changed the drop off, um excuse me you drop children off at a different stop WITHOUT telling the parents....UNACCEPTABLE. He checked and found out the stop is in the regular spot so what was this drivers issue? I am and will continue to be on top of this ... I'm hoping things/attitudes change or Avrianna WILL NOT be on the bus any longer!! I don't need to worry if my kid will be dropped off in the right place because this bus driver has attitude. On the first day NOT a good impression!!!!
Danny will be starting his 2nd grade year soon...once the team is put together they will contact me and we can set up a schedule for them to come out to the house. Danny will be having a new Teacher this year too, and we can't wait to see what new and exciting ideas she has. He will have the some OT, ST, and vision therapist which is great as Danny tends to take awhile to warm up to new people. Unfortunately Neenah hasn't hired a PT yet so we'll have to wait and see. We have alot of fun stuff, to show them, with what Danny has been working on over the summer :)
Here's Danny working hard with his Private PT Peter :)
My new hobby ~ sewing!! I'm making covers for Danny's wheel chair and "hub caps">and a handbag for AvriannaNot too shabby for my first sewing out Martha Stewart ~ LOL

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