Sunday, August 28, 2011

Special Swim

Yesterday was just AWESOME over here at the Osero House. We threw our 1st Annual Special Needs Swim Party and I couldn't have asked for better weather for these kids :) What a great turn out we had too. What an AMAZING group of friends, no FAMILY! I don't know what I would do without these guys....We LOVE YOU GUYS!!
What a HANDSOME bunch of pool boys we have :)
Lil Man :)
The Randall's ~ How cool (I guess in my warped mind) I went to school with Amy, Our Daughters are in the same grade n school, and our sons are "Special" n trached. We are NOT alone in all this!!Danny and Griffin ~ Did these guys get HUGE or what! I'm telling ya the Packers missed out on two great front liners!!Griffin brought his family with him......Even Baby Emerson's got to met all of us :)The Prindle's
The Balogh'sThe Giebel'sAfter the pool party Dan and I went on a Date Nite ~ We went out of Dinner then off to see Boogie and the YoYo's play in Greenville. AMAZING nite!! Stayed out till 12:30...I can't remember when I was up that late for something other then kids and medical alarms.
All dolled up AND SOMEWHERE to go ~
Eric not only an awesome Guitarist and vocalist but a great Architect ~
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