Monday, August 15, 2011

Girl Scout sleepover N Stuff

Thursday nite into Friday we threw a Mom n Me Girl Scout Sleepover. Great times!! Everyone got along, and it looked like everyone had a great time.
Our sleeping area for the nite :) This is in the back of our yard.Pool time !!
Our Troop Leader.....she's great! Thanks Michelle for all that you do with our girls
The Girls! What a great group we have :)
Some of The Mom's
We had projects and activities planned but all they wanted to do was SWIM!Danny had to put on his charm seeing there were many pretty girls flirt :)At the bon fire roasting smores!
All tuckered out and sleeping. I'm amazed that 11pm and they were all pretty much out. Gotta love all the pool time :)
Before 7am and they are already back in the pool...........Brrrrrrrrrr!
Our Garden is growing like wild fire once again this year. I've already canned 4 quarts and 8 pints of tomato sauce and the tomatoes are just starting to turn red, holy tomotoes :)

The zucchini well .........
Tomorrow is a fun filled day at CHOW for appts with Lil Man. First is xrays of Danny's Spine and Hips then to chat with Ortho on the "findings" of the xrays. My gut says we are going to see some issues with Danny's left hip now but the pic
tures will tell. I think Danny sprouted too so we'll have to see if he is due for another growth on his VEPTR rods. Danny really likes to keep Ortho busy. After ortho we head to Trache/Vent clinic, another interesting appt. Not only because it's about a 2 hour appt (we see about 5 docs/nurses, it's great they come to us) but we've been dancing with the putting Danny on a vent at nite so now that the Pulm Dr and I will be face to face we'll be making some big decisions I'm sure of it. UGH ~ I feel sick already!! I made an appt this morning for next week...Danny will be having another 48 hours EEG done. Then when we have our appt with Neuro next month we can talk about the findings on that with him. Let the appts begin!
Avrianna has been a busy bee making more Tie Dye things....she's getting really good ~ My lil Hippie!
Last weekend I had an Eye Candi Open House party here at the house....and despite the crappy turn out we had a nice time. I think we'll have to do another one in the fall when everyone istn' so busy. Of course my buys!! If interested in checking out her stuff click HERE
Danny is enjoying pool time ~ it's been so brutally hot here so pool time is a MUST :) We even have Danny's Physical therapist doing aqua therapy now too. LOVE IT!!
Well school is approaching, where did the summer go? Registration for Danny is this week. I'm interested to see how this year is going to play out, as the Special Ed teacher is no longer there so there will be a new one. I'm hoping that the school district gets a teacher JUST for the home bound kids, we'll see...... change might be good. I just HOPE that his therapists stay the same! Next week Ms Avrianna has her registration and pictures. We already have all her school supplies and her outfit picked out. She's really excited to see who her teacher is going to be this year.
Here is Danny working on his new iPad2 mirrored on the TV and with the switch interface ~
Yesterday I put together a block party cook out and it was a hit! I'm glad we had such a nice turn out. Watch a bunch of great neighbors we have!! Party Party Party!!
Thanks for stopping by to check in on us!!
Don't forget to pledge a donation in honor of Avrianna n Danny for our Make A Wish Walk on Sept. 13th 2011. Please Click HERE to go to our team page and PLEDGE now. We THANK YOU for helping my WISHES come true with children that have life threatening condition.

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