Thursday, September 22, 2011

End Tidal

END TIDAL............this has become a word that I don't think I'm going to like :(. All night long, last night, the RT's were chasing a good end tidal -which means CO2 levels. Last nite we had many peeps partying in Danny's room......unfortunately Danny wasn't awake till 1am joining us. Danny didn't fight "Puff" (my name his vent, lol), which I really had thought Thayer was going to be an issue. Oh no on the contrary Danny "rode" puff more comfortably, at times, the I would have liked. Puff is set to breathe for Danny 8 times per minute in addition to him being to breathe "over" Puff (breathe on his own), but Danny liked to let Puff do all the work some times. So finding a happy medium between them, TRICKY. This morning Dannys CO2 levels were on the high side....go figure as the RT's got sick of figuring out so they removed the sensor/monitor sometime through the nite. The blood gas that was done showed he still wasn't venting well. Once the day RT's came in and checked what settings he was on they figured out why his end tidal was off.....the settings were decreased instead increased during the nite which then was not giving Danny the full breath he needed, ugh. Seeing Danny didn't sleep the best he took a nap right away in the am so they were able to play with the settings (by someone who knew what the heck they were doing this time), and it looks as if we might have a better nite tonite then last. My big concern this morning in addition to his end tidal was the fact he was having mucus plug after mucus plug which continued throughout the day. I believe it is the humidity or lack there of but the Pulmnology Dr believes Puff is pulling the crap that has settled in his lungs out. Not sure on that theory as Danny does so much pulmonary toiletry - heeehee - twice a day that you'd think some of this would have been seen or at least heard before??
I found out a better time frame Danny was going to go into the OR today for ear tubes and of course it was during my appt to get my MS infusion in a different hospital, sigh. I have NEVER not been here for Danny during any procedure ... And I wasn't going to let that happen today (without trying). I called the other hospital to see of they had an opening and lucky me, they did. I ran right over as Danny was still napping and he had 2 nurses, our great RT, and my good friend looking after him. Wonderful!!! I was done and back before anything took place....well surgery related. I guess Danny really liked Puff's new settings, on his nap, and when he was taken off, when he awoke, breathing was a priority. The belief is because Danny has been breathing like this for so log his brain is used to it and when Puff was breathing "normally" with a "normal" end tidal it took his drive to breathe away......about 5 minutes later he kicked started and was breathing on his own. YIKES!! Needless to say the settings were changed again to maintain a Lil higher end tidal so he breathes on his own when he's not on Puff.
ENT was able to put Danny's right ear tube back in and readjust the left. Get this the O.R. Came up to Danny's room and did the procedure there. Only I always say about him AND his father....that's right I'm Dan Osero! What a great crew they were, and they we so nice - loved them!! I wish I could post pics on here but on the CHOW wifi I'm restricted, but those of you that follow us on Facebook you can see pictures on there.
Here's to a better evening. Good nite n sweet dreams from Danny n I. Thanks for stopping by to check on us

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