Sunday, October 2, 2011


We are getting back to a new normal and starting a routine around here. It hasn't been the easiest road we've been on, but we've also been on worse. Now that things have settled down, I can start to reflect on all the change and newness around here. I'm not going to lie the vent isn't an easy step to take, BUT it's also comforting to know that we have a way to make Danny more comfortable and hopefully less ill. We've needed to do some tweaking with the settings on the vent and Danny needed to change to a cuffed trache, but I think he's now in a good place (for the moment) with Puff. The alarms have lessened and his tolerance has improved. Lil Man's biggest hurdle is getting used to the new cuffed trache. It must "tickle" his trachea more as he is doing alot more coughing and the last trache change was not the best experience. I can only hope it gets easier on him as I hate to watch him struggle.
Here's Lil Man with all the tubing and baggage on. We had to "travel" with him....just into the hospital for a blood gas level one morning, but it was with all the "business' on. That was a hard to swallow trip.......everyone staring even more then ever. Wondering if people even saw Danny or just all the equipment he was hooked up to :(
Well I see him, all of him, those cheeks, his stunning blue eyes, that thick hair, and his AMAZING Sassy attitude ;0) ~ Boy do I LOVE this Lil Man!!
I'm going to have to put the wheelie bars back on with ALL this on there. He's getting alil heavy in the rear ~ LOL.
We've started to train a new nurse this week. I think she is going to be a good fit. She seems to be very educated, hands on, and caring. Time will tell if she's comfortable with my Sassy Lil Man :)

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