Sunday, October 30, 2011

Tailspin Begins

I accidentally posted this in my other blog...... here was the start of our vacation. I will try and update about the actual vacation later today or tomorrow.

Ok who told Danny we were going to leave for vacation?? On Wednesday Danny woke up at 2:30 and just wasn't himself. By the time his nurse came into work he was spastic, high heart rate, fever, but he was all smiles. I think he just wanted to get out of getting his flu shot that aftenoon. Well it worked no shot for him, just Ms Avrianna got hers. I got mine last week so I'm good. By the afternoon Danny stared "dumping". So the theory is that his system just wasn't tolerating the supplemental protein we started giving him. Needless to say I stopped the protein until we come back from our vacation and then well address this issue. He doesn't need to be having multiple BM's a day while on vacation, NO ONE would appreciate that. Unfortuanelty Thursday morning wasn't any better and once again Danny was up by 2:20am. Can you say running on empty - Yes I was! But i neede to pack on. I was doing pretty good with getting the RV ready when Danny felt the need to throw me yet again another vacation curve ball. What is it with this kid ! I know Like I ALWAYS say .... It's all about Danny Osero. LOL. During his weekly routine trache change the day was thrown in an up roar. His old trache was pulled out, his site was cleaned, but the new trache wouldnt go back in. Seriously!!! Thankfully we had some of his older versions ( the uncuffed) traches around and that one went in. Now it's 10:30am the day we are to leave for FL at 3:30pm. So I had 5 hours, NO Pressure at all! I swear he is shaving years off my life. So now he has a teache in BUT not the one that works on Puff. Now what?!? I did the "good" thing and called Down to CHOW, after talking with Dr Kasper. They wanted me to bring him down so the ENT could check him out and get his trache in -- did I mention we were leaving at 3:30 for Florida?? I packed As much as I could and headed down south to CHOW which is 1.5 hours one way South of my house *sigh*. The ENT was able to get the trache in with minimal trauma - YAY- Dr Martin Rocks!! While we were there the dic suctioned out the goo in Danny's right eat too. Once i Realized knew we were still going on vacation (thank god, As I didn't want to have to tell Avrianna we weren't going to Harry Potter), I called Dan to come pick Danny n I up in Milwaukee. So Danny n I hung out until the RV with the car
Dolly came. I figured I would try to do a few other things while in CHOW seeing I had time to burn. Danny got sized and is sporting a new AMT Gtube button plus I was able To track down someone to give Danny a flu shot. Yahoo - what a tune
Up he got .... Without it being planned :). We were able to stop by and visit our good friend Ryan who is inpatient there. We hope he feels better and can go home soon
We are on the road and doing well with time. Thanks for checking on us. I will update later. It's my turn to drive :) sorry if there is alot of errors here -

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