Sunday, October 3, 2010


So after my dreary post last week my son rings true to my expectations and proves me wrong once again. But with this I am delightfully happy for... as this last week has been WONDERFUL! I will take being wrong like that ANYTIME :)

Sitting up BIG n TALL very Happy....
Gotta Love that smile...... RIGHT?

Danny has been doing amazingly great this last week. Just a few bouts of discomfort but that's still to be expected as he still is only 2 months out from a MAJOR surgery (done twice). He's starting to tolerate his feeding better also :) I've decided to increase his pain meds on the bad days and wait it out alil longer for more information. I'm going to schedule a CT scan of his hip to see if there is anything we are missing. At least there is no added pain in that and it will give us a better picture of what's going on.

Here's me and my FAVORITE Lil Man chilln on the couch together last night. Dan took Avrianna up North again this weekend for some 4 wheeling daddy daughter bonding time. Which then Danny and I get some relaxing peaceful mommy and me time. We spent the evening cuddling and watching movies together. I LOVE IT!Avrianna went in on Monday after school to have her pallet expander with fence put on. I have to put a tool in the expander every night for 26 nights to crank it out "expanding: her upper jaw. She's a trooper with this, even though the last time I expanded it she's really is starting to feel the pressure from her mouth changing shape. It's really hitting her now how "not cool" this is as she's finding if VERY difficult to eat even the easiest of foods. As there is a Large gap between the top of the expander and the roof of her mouth so everything gets stuck up there. The fence isn't helping either with her to be able to swallow so even taking a drink can be very frustrating for her. I am very PROUD of how brave and how excepting she's been with this. It's a learn curve for her but will every day she is getting better n better with it.Here's the fence .... this is there to hold back her tongue from pushing up against the back of her teeth. She had a significant tongue thrust so we hope this helps out. Unfortunately it is set more in the middle of her mouth so she has to darn near curl her tongue to keep it behind the fence or the fence scraps her tongue. This for her the worst part for her as her tongue hurts her alot :( Yes it is as bad as it looks. So after her appt we took her for a surprise visit ~

I would like to introduce our newest member of The Osero household.......Meet
Gunner is a 6 month old Cocker Spaniel / German Shepard Mix. He was surrendered to the Humane Society as his previous family couldn't afford him. He is a wonderful boy. After Dan and I went to see him we took Avrianna there to see what she thought, of course LOVE at first sight for her. The next day I took Ms Bailey and Danny to meet him as if they didn't mix well it wouldn't be a good fit for our family. Bailey did great with him but she needed to put Mr Gunner in his spot in the ranks right away, LOL. Much to my surprise they were looking for her to get him to stand down so she stayed the dominant one in the house :) My favorite had to be when they brought Gunner in to meet I wasn't sure what he would do with the chair and equipment Danny has. The first thing Gunner did was put his front paws up on Danny's arm rests, sniff him, and give him a BIG WET kiss. I was in LOVE with Gunner at that point :) I think Mr Gunner is already a wonderful companion for Danny.

Gunner had Cherry Eye on this left eye that was repaired on Wednesday. So after the vets look at him on Monday to make sure he is healing fine we can pick him up. We are so excited! Even though we know the next few weeks are going to be a learning curve for everyone I believe Gunner will fit into our dysfunctional family VERY WELL. Yesterday I went out and bought new toys, chew toys, bedding, collars, leashes, and treats so once he's home he will have his very own things.
So this is what happens IN my house each time it rains OUTside my house
The dripping and puddles are increasingly getting bigger n bigger with each new rain. I'm still very disappointed with all this but whatcha going to do, but ride it out. Unfortunately the follow through with this leak SUCKS as no one has come out to look, evaluate, and fix the problem yet. I still can't find it within myself to look up in the attic to see how bad it really is and I can only imagine what behind the walls look like. It's just very disappointing that we are dealing with yet another issue with this house.
I will leave you with this song I just heard. I can't wait to watch the movie now. A song from "The Secretariat"
IT'S WHO YOU ARE ~ (go to the bottom of the blog page and pause the music first so you can hear it)

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ANewKindOfPerfect said...

What a cutie Gunner is! :) Danny looks great sitting up big and smiling. I am glad he's feeling better! That device in your Avrianna's mouth looks like torture. I hope the 26 days go by quick.

Susanne said...

Years ago, I had a palate expander - with a key to turn twice a day - similar to what your baby girl has, but without the fence. She really is a trooper, and no matter what they said, it did hurt!!! Hugs to all involved and Danny looks fabulous in the photos.