Thursday, October 7, 2010


On Monday Dan and I picked up Mr Gunner. His Cherry eye was fixed last Wednesday and he was cleared to be adopted Monday morning. He has been a JOY to have around. Gunner is an Excellent fit to our family. He walked into our hearts and home like he's was always meant to be ours. I couldn't ask for a better dog (except for Bailey). He's a GOOD BOY! I'd like to share some of my favorite pics I've taken so far. He's been a busy boy the first 3 days he's been here.He does lay would think that would hurt the "lil" boy ~ heehee

Gunner n his BIG sister Bailey.... I think he is really good for Bailey. You wouldn't even know Bailey just turned 10 last week as she has been romping around with Gunner. He does think she is his personal chew toy though. He constantly goes for her hind legs, ears, and tail. Surprisingly Bailey plays with him ALOT :)

I think she'll be teach him a few things

Two Peas in a Pod :)

I'm so excited to see Gunner's reaction to Danny. I've ALWAYS wanted to get a Companion/Therapy Dog for Danny. I think without any training Gunner has become that companion. Gunner is VERY Gentle with Danny, he is very protective of him already, and he is very inquisitive to what's going on with Danny.
Gunner helping with Danny's Feeds
Gunner assisting with Physical Therapy

Gunner making sure I'm doing the nite time routine properly

He's always near Danny's side

So comfy for Gunner to be on Danny's lap in his Wheelchair

Kissy Kissy :) I think they have a great bond already

Of course Avrianna thinks he's the coolest thing EVER.......right now, LOL

I have Gunner going to obedience classes in November....not like he really even needs them, but I want to continue his great demeanor. I am going to ask what is involved to further his training with being a therapy dog too :) We are on our way to his first vet appt to get all checked and to make sure everything is good with our Lil Boy.

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