Friday, October 15, 2010

Change in the Air

The chill is here, most of the leaves have fallen off the trees, and things are changing all around. It's so nice to have fires in the fireplace and the smells of foods baking in the oven more often, but at the same time it's sad to see the bare trees around and to know the white stuff is right around the corner.
There's been some change going on the last few days around here. Change, even though it can be a scarey road, it isn't a bad thing. I've embraced all our change and I will hope for the best. That's all we really can do. to assess, address, and act. With alot of thought process going into it I truly believe the change will be an improvement.
I've made decisions about relationships once again ...... to walk away from and break ties to the toxic ones. Common sense and respect NEEDS to be a key factor in today's world. Life is too short and too precious to deal with insensitivity and disrespect. Think BEFORE one speaks is ALWAYS a good piece of advise, LOL. Oddly enough it is a good feeling to know that the drama and BS is minimized in our lives now that those ties have been broken. Some relationships are just not worth hanging onto. Some just don't get it!
The decision was made to put Danny into more Private therapies, that have more of a medical base, then through the school. Even though we've had a great relationship with Danny's school therapists I think he needs something different. In the school, the therapist are there to aid the teacher's program of "teaching" with easier better ways to teach the child. But in Danny's world therapies teach his body. He needs a more aggressive therapy that will give him more then what I am doing with him already, on a daily basis. Someone not only to help Danny but to show me things that will help broaden Danny's life/comfort. I've excepted the fact the Danny will never learn specific details about the world but he CAN and does know his own environment. I would like to see what he really can do. If we have a therapist here to range him more often so he can be more "comfortable" with himself and if we have a specialist "in" his face more to see if he can connect to a way of communication then we'll know we've given him the opportunity to learn in HIS world.
"I thought I would have to teach my Child about the world. It turns out I have to teach the world about my Child. They see a child who can not talk and walk. I see a miracle who doesn't need words.” -Anonymous
Here's my Lil Man sitting up ALL by himself. He's NEVER done this before with out assistance or equipment. I'm so proud of him :)
"You NEVER know what he can do......Unless you let him try!"

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the three wise menn said...

SO AWESOME!!!!!! It's really cool to see this and to know that for so many people watching your kid sit for the first time isn't nearly as exciting as it is for you. Very happy for you and that awesome little guy of yours!