Monday, October 25, 2010

Harry Potter Party ~ Avrianna's 8th Birthday

Happy Birthday Avrianna ~
Many of you know that I planned a Harry Potter Party for Avrianna's 8th Birthday. Here's how I planned it, coordinated it, and how it worked out. I hope you enjoy the pictures and information. Maybe you can use some of my ideas for next Harry Potter Party!
We held the party downstairs so as her 15 guests arrived they had to get out of the Muggle worldGoing through the brick wall ~ I bought a red sheet and took a black perm. marker to make the bricksTo get to 9 3/4 train stationOnce through the they entered into Diagon Alley
To get their capes, wands, and
(I went to the fabric store and purchased the black fabric n ribbon and made all the capes, then Dan and Avrianna made the wands by cutting and sanding dowels then staining them)Lightning Bolt scars
I used black eye liner ~ very easy to wash off so I didn't make any parents upset
The dry Ice was a HUGE hit!
From there they all had to get sorted into their Hogwart House
I purchased the hat online and it works like the magic 8 ball....shake it, flip it over, and it will show you the letter for what house you are in.The Slytherin House
The Ravenclaw HouseThe Gryfindor House.....I can't believe only one shook this house :)
The HufflePuff HouseI covered our pool table and used that for all the kids to eat their pizza n drinks. Here's Avrianna's Cake I designed and made .....The Quidditch Game Field The cutest Harry Potter in the house ~ but I'm partial :)
I made sensory boxes for each kid to put their hand in to find the cockrotch. I turned the lights down low and they had to show me the bug so I knew they were actually putting their hands in the box ~ LOL
The Eye Balls
Which were peeled grapes that were in soaking in oil.Mooshie Brains
Was a brick of Ramen noodles soaking in oilFat ~ The grosses by far, YUCK
Was bread and cut up latex gloves soaking in yogart and oil.
After everyone did it I turned on the lights and had them guess what they thought it was and then I showed them :) I had them bobbing for apples :)
The Scavenger Hunt for the missing Snitch
First off I read off that the snitch what stolen and there were clues to point out where to find it. The First Clue stated ~ "He took her life before she knew it, in the Master is where she'll stay. Watch out as she'll scare you right away"
That sent them upstairs to the Master Bathroom
where they found Moaning Myrtle hanging on the toilet.
The clue on Moaning Mrytle is "So much to learn with magic Potions and what needs to be said. But be very careful as you'll lose your head"Which sent them back downstairs to the "Potions" room
Under the skull was another clue that stated"Hagrid says music lulls Fluffy to sleep. Find the Notes ~ shhhhhh don't make a peep"
Sending them back Upstairs to the Piano Where the Fat Lady satHer clue was. "Now find your hearts desire but best beware You're requested to enter through The Devil's Snare.So downstairs to The Mirror of Erised Each child had 3 seconds to stare at the mirror to see if it told them "their hearts desire"I then went last as they didn't see anything and said......"Oh I see it"
Then read off this clue. "If it's the snitch that you seek. Find the Monster Harry Potter books and take a peek"
Avrianna has the whole collection of Harry Potter books in her room and back upstairs they all went. To find......My home made Monster book of Monsters that ate up the clue into piecesOnce the clues where put into order it read
"This delivery from the Trolley You might find. This sweet dessert will ease your mind"
The missing Snitch was found.....on top of the cake :) Back in the Basement ~ LOL

That lead us into eating Cake n Ice Cream. She opened her gifts and then we watched a Harry Potter movie until the Parents came to pick them up. It was a wonderful party and I hope her birthday was Magical.

The Harry Potter crew

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Wow, what a fantastic party! You really went all out! :)