Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Scary Home Front

Things have been pretty quiet here at The Osero home front for the last few days, health wise. But we've been busy little party animals.
After Avrianna's birthday party last Sunday I had the Halloween party at her school on Wednesday to coordinate. Then on Thursday I had most o fAvrianna's Brownie troop over to the house for a sleepover. There were 15 girls staying over luckily I had back up with 3 other mom's staying over night to help. I was very surprised at how well it went. The girls were pretty much sleeping by midnight and they slept till about 6:30. No fighting, No whining, No tears.....what more could we ask for, LOL. Saturday night Avrianna had two of her friends sleep over and then it was onto the Halloween festivities :)
In between all the partying I managed to have a Spa day and I gave everyone hair cuts, so now the Dan's in the house are not so rugged looking, heehee.
I cut n colored my own hair......the new fall look for me. Now just to get rid of the bags under my eyes, LOL
Then Ms Avrianna wanted me to cut her hair shorter. Yeap, this coming from a girl who would freak if I wanted to trim her hair. So here she is before.....And after! It needs alil work yet, but it's cute. She really likes it at swim too. Not so much hair to get in the swim cap or having to wash :)Avrianna and I carved pumpkins on Saturday too. Well should I say, Avrianna started and then lost interest VERY quick, so I pretty much did them. This is the pattern that Avrianna picked for her pumpkin.
We gave Danny a couple choices for his design and he picked this one. Thanks buddy for not picking a complicated one, LOLHere are my Pumpkins all decked out for the Holiday.
Avrianna in her ALL lime green Vampire Fairy costume. She turned many heads and got tons of compliments on her costume this year. I think she did a GREAT job with her costume ~ Awesome! Bonus for me is I could see her VERY easily.
She made out very well trick r treating. Even with sorting out the candy into "I can't eat and I can eat" piles she ended up with a large bowl full. She really can only eat the chocolate stuff as all the rest will cause trouble with her hardware in her mouth so she is going to turn it into the orthodontist's office. They give coins for so many lbs of candy, they can turn in the coins then for gift cert for local stores. The office donates all the candy to kids less fortunate, how awesome is that!
Here's my sassy man. Even Avrianna liked his shirt, LOL
We still "dressed" him up in a costume. This year can you figure out who Danny was??

Yeap, he was Dr. Kasper, LOL :) ~ Perfect choice.

Starting on Sunday health went down hill around here. Avrianna got this barky cough, but only at night. Dan came home, from hunting up North all weekend, and all he caught was a bad cold. I think he just photo shopped his pictures of the deer at his stand on his "wildlife" camera. LOL! He ended up going into seeing the Doctor yesterday morning to get antibiotics or he'd hold onto this cold FOREVER. So the two without Spleens being sick really isn't looking too well for the rest of us in the house. They can't fight off virus's n bacteria like we can having no spleen. I've banned them from being next to Danny as we all know what happens with him..... more DRAMA. LOL! We are on guard around here with disinfectants, heehee
Avrianna went in yesterday of her annual physical. She is doing great with all the "statistics". She is at 50% for her weight, 60% for her height, and is sitting at 45% for her BMI. With her age, date of her birthday, and preemie background she should only be starting 1 grade and here she is excelling at 3rd. Sorry, but yeap I'm bragging here! All the stuff you hear in the beginning about being delayed and slow well I all I have to say is.......IN YOUR FACE! Way to go Avrianna I'm so proud of you:) Timing is everything, I always say, and the timing of her physical was right on..... as in the exam Dr Kasper noticed Avrianna's throat to be very beefy and having alot of red poke a dots. He believes she was in the beginning stages of strep, UGH, as she hadn't had any symptoms yet (except for the coughing at night), and for those of you that know Avrianna a paper cut is a HUGE deal so I think I would have known if her throat was soar. This is NOT good if this should turn into strep, because this virus is one that can cause Sepsis in kiddos that don't have a spleen. UGH, UGH! So to be safe, because the rapid strep test came back negative, he put her on a BIG dog antibiotic to fight it off. Now I'm really on guard!! Danny, Avrianna, and I all got our flu shots yesterday too at least we are covered for that now.
Thanks for stopping in and checking in on us

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