Sunday, November 28, 2010


How Thankful I am that I had the opportunity to spend Thanksgiving with wonderful friends n family! I had a great time and now all I can say is ~ FAT N SASSY :)
Thanks to our TURKEY ~I think we had the best turkey ANYWHERE! One smoked n one deep fried ~ does it get any better people? AMAZING!!!I am so thankful I was smart enough to start the Christmas decorating process ahead of the game this year. I even got Mr Gunner into the festivities :) The inside of the house is complete. With how bad this flare up is effecting me I wouldn't have been able to do ANY decorating if I waited. Smart cookie I am :)
I wasn't able to put my MS flare up at bay with oral meds so I had to go in for 3 days of IV treatment. Once again I prove to be a "challenge" for IV access (I know where Lil Man gets his veins from).
Unfortunately after the 2nd day the IV crashed, sigh ...... so 35 minutes later they were able get one in on the other forearm. I look awful!! The comment of me possibly looking into getting a more permanent site was brought up (possibly a port ~ IV access site placed just under the skin in my chest that is threaded into the veins already) because with my already crappy veins the meds that I take for these relapses just destroy them even more. GREAT :(
With the week of oral meds before and the 3 day of IV I still have gotten NO relief, if anything I am continually spiralling downward. My legs are weak and heavy, this headache NEEDS to go away, I am losing strength in my arms, I have a constant tremor/shake that is just irritating to say the least, my vision is fussy, my mouth is numb and I'm finding hard to swallow things, the pain has started to set in the last few days, and I'm feel very discombobulated. FRUSTRATION! I am going into see my Osteopathic Dr tomorrow for a tweaking and I'm going to be calling the Neurologist so she's up with my lack of response to the recovery meds. I'm not sure where this path is going to take me, but here we go ..........................
I've made the difficult decision to NOT go on our family get away to Florida over the Christmas break. I LOVE going down there, but it's alot of work. I just want to BE part of the holidays as much as I can so we are going to hang out at home in our jammies by the fireplace and enjoy each other. Sacrifices/Change has to be made and this trip seemed to be most logical.
Avrianna and I went to go get our hair cut ..... my hair cut for her worked but it needed to be "helped" out alil. Here's my Lil girl looking all grown up

She's loving the care for it and getting the swim cap on is MUCH easier now tooSo I decided to copy her and get my hair cut very short too :)
Guess I'm trying to look pretty with all these bruises ..... you kind of feel not so attractive with them all over. As I USUALLY have them in at least 7 areas (behind the flab in my upper arms, my upper thighs, my love handles, and my belly) due to this is where I have to give myself daily injections for the regular MS medicine. And NOW on my forearms, sigh :(. I guess it would be a good idea to have a port just for that, not as many bruises.
My latest INK .... touched up and finalized :) I'm so HAPPY with it and proud to show case it off.
My family emblem .... 4 hearts together to make one BIG "O" = orange peace heart (MS symbol for me), pink '02 heart (Avrianna's birthstone color), blue '01 heart (our wedding month color), and blue '03 handicap heart (Danny's birthstone color).
All over the Blue Rose with the statement Cry later.........Smile now
On Avrianna's side ~ I had her footprint that we took at her delivery by a Cala Lily over her flower the Marigold done up in water colors (for my lil fish)
On Danny's side ~ His footprint by a Cala Lily over his flower the Daffodil/Narcissus done up in dalmatian colors (for my lil fireman).
Some people don't get why I do tattoo's (including my husband) but it's my thing. Maybe it's because it a pain that I CAN CONTROL, I don't know that reasons why but ~ I LOVE them :) Especially this one as it has so much meaning to me!
Dan and I went out on a DATE NITE the day after Thanksgiving ~ we went to see The Judd's The Last Encore Tour. What a wonderful evening! First we went out to eat (like I needed more awesome food after the BIG turkey dinner) to Red Lobster, and then to the concert. The music and atmosphere was just what I needed. Thanks Hon! What an inspirational story these two have ~ an not to mention how Beautiful they are ~
We had GREAT seats we were 9 rows from the end of the stage on the floor ~ Plus the two seats in front of us were open so it was CLEAR viewing.
The planning for Danny's Birthday party is coming along wonderfully. We've decided to do it as a Spongebob theme.... the Cake pan came last week :) I even contacted a reporter to the local newspaper (who's done articles on us before) to see if they'd like to do a story about Danny and his friends who've all been "Touched By Danny's Life" :) We'll see how that goes and I'll keep you posted. It looks as if we are going to have close to 30 kids here (10 in chairs, 2 ambulatory, and their siblings) to hang out with us and Santa (shhhhhhh). I can't wait!! We are asking that the families bring new wrapped gifts and/or food to donated to the local domestic abuse shelter in Danny's honor for the Holidays. Danny Loves to get cards and Happy mail so if you'd like to send him Birthday Wishes send them to:
Danny Osero
2686 Towerview Dr
Neenah, WI 54956
I'm just amazed at the positive impacted that my Lil Man has on people and the people we've met along the way..... What a Journey, THANKS for the coming along on the ride! I've got some of the BEST, ClOSEST, AMAZING, LOVING, SUPPORTING friends one could ever hope for ~ but the interesting part is 95% I haven't personally met. All because they've been "Touched By Danny's Life". I wouldn't be the mother or person I need to be without YOU GUYS! I LOVE YOU ~ and I'm so blessed that our journeys have crossed paths.


ANewKindOfPerfect said...

I don't even know where to start! LOL I think the new tattoo is awesome. Danny's heart reminds me of 3E Love's heart. Which will be the first tattoo I get - when I get the nerve up to do it! :) Danny's party sounds awesome, I wish we lived close enough to come! I think your holiday plans to stay home and comfy are probably wise. And the port seems like a good idea. ((hugs)) I am so sorry that your MS is causing such problems right now. I hope you can get some relief soon!

Andrea said...

Love your blog you always leave me in awe. :) I am sorry you are having such problems with your MS. Keeping you in my prayers.

Sara said...

I just started following your blog and I love the tattoo. My boyfriend doesn't understand why I get them either. I only have one, I'm also only 20 so I have time haha. I'm sure you'll have an awesome time cuddling at home for the holidays.

When I was younger my Mom had breast cancer and she got a port put in. Best idea the doctors ever had. She had veins like yours, and they could NEVER find them. Took an extra 30mins every time she went in for chemo but with the port it was poke and done. So I'm sure it'll help you if you decide to go for it. She even got them to put it in a tad lower so you couldn't see it when she wore her bathing suit! I hope things get better for you MS-wise.
And I hope you and the kiddos have a great time at Danny's party! I'll be sure to send him a homemade card because I love making them as much as he probably like receiving them. Gives me an excuse to pull out the Cricut.