Saturday, December 4, 2010

Happy Holiday from The Osero's ~Our 2010 tree :0)Danny's hand Christmas treeThis year Avrianna and I decided to do a Mini Village Gingerbread ~ it was more challenging then we thought, but here's our village :)
HOLY fire Dan! Boy did it get HOT in our place ~ ahhhhhhhhhh relaxation
Someone is looking at getting coal this year......SASSY boy ~ you are NOT making points with your sister.
Gunner, Grace, and Avrianna chilln out with Danny in his new Pea Pod. Ya they LOVE ya, Lil man!
Two weeks after my treatment and I'm still looking awful and feeling it. *SIGH* I finally hit my breaking point and went into see my primary doctor to pick her brain for options. I still am not improving...... hell I'll settle for being stable. There is concerns with me having multiple rounds of IV treatments within the year and what it's doing/done with my "system". I was sent through the ringer with labs before I left her office but I'm hoping that "if" there is something else to be found ....... they'll find it. We'll see what comes of them. I am going in for another MRI on Wednesday (between Lil Man and my radiology I swear I glow in the dark, LOL) and the doctor wanted me to go in for a dilated eye exam so they can look behind my eyes ~ I am having this done on Thursday. From there ....... we'll just have to see what they find.
Gunner has his last day of puppy school on Tuesday. He's doing so well. I was talking with the ladies that run the class and they think he's a wonderful dog too :) We were chatting about training him to be a therapy dog. I think he/we would be great at it, but I'm just not sure I have the time or energy to do it. That just breaks my heart typing it......not being able to do something we'd like to do, but I need to set limits and right now I can't add anymore to our plates. Maybe someday, but right now we'll have to wait.
Avrianna had another swim meet today. This time in Shawno so we were up at 4:30 to get her in water by 7am. We carpooled with our good friends n neighbors and had a great time together. Avrianna walked away with 2 medals and a ribbon :) I'm so proud of her! In one of her events there was 46 girls competing....see swim away with 5th. What a FISH i have ~ Go Girl GO!
Tomorrow's plan is to start the holiday baking. I am planning making Kringla, Lefse, and Spritzer cookies. The hope is I'm going to find some motivation tonite while I sleep and when I wake up ovens don't fail me now. LOL
Please say a prayer for a dear friend of my Jena Holman ~ her son Ryan passed away yesterday. Something a parent should never have to go through. You will be missed Ryan! My heart, thoughts, n prayers are with the Holman family as they lay to rest their sweet boy.

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