Wednesday, December 15, 2010

7th Annual Christmas n Birthday Party

Wow does time seems as if we'd just had Danny's 6th birthday party, so how did the 7th sneak up on us. Saturday Dec. 11 we held our annual Birthday party/ Christmas party for all of Danny's "Special" friends and their families. Danny's Birthday isn't till the 23rd but I like to throw his party in the beginning of the month so it's not so close to Christmas.
Here's Danny waiting patiently for our surprise guest to his party. Danny was in charge of letting me know when he saw the vehicle driving up the driveway. They MADE IT!! All the way from Scott City, MO
Mattman is HERE! And what a peanut he is. I can't tell you how happy we were to have Matt and his Mom n Dad here. What an amazing family! I've been following Matt via his Caring Bridge site for years. We've attempted to go down to visit them in MO but always had to cancel due to an illness. How wonderful that they were able to come up to us.
Avrianna enjoyed Mattman also :)
Matt and his Mom, Heather
Luckily they were able to come the day before and hang out with us before the party began. It was wonderful to sit around and chat with them.

Here is the first attempt at Danny's birthday cake..........the bottom part of the cake came out of the pan while the top stayed in, UGH! So more cake needed to be made.
The finished Cake.....
Our special guest from The North Pole once again made time in his busy schedule to come to the party as well. We LOVE you SANTA!
Santa had gifts for all the kids that were at the party :)
Really Santa I was good this year...........LOL
Our Friend ~ ELI
Our Friend ~ RYAN
Our Friend ~ MATT
Our Friend ~ JACOB
Our Friend ~ GRIFFIN
Jacob and Ryan were SO EXCITED to see Santa ~ I thought Jacob was going to jump right out of his chair, LOL.
Avrianna hanging out with Mattman ~
Avrianna n Danny with Matt's Daddy Kevin behind them.Danny and his "girls" (nurses) Aleana and Gail ~ Yes Santa they were good this year :)
My sister and her family ~ The Dedering's
Three of the boys hanging out chit chatting amongst themselves ~ Danny, Matt, & GriffinJacob telling Matt a few pointers ~
The party animals ~
The Eakins ~ The whole 2010 crew ~
Too Much Partying ~ They must rest and Chill out :) You really have to watch these two, the apples didn't fall too far from the trees so these two can really cause some trouble when they get together.
Once again and unfortunately there was bad weather the passed through ~ Welcome Blizzard Aiden. Because of the weather (and\or illness) there was about 20 people that didn't come to the party, so needless to say we had alot of food and cake left over because we made 2 hams and smoke a turkey along with all the fixings, for our guests. Despite the weather we still had about 35 people that did brave the terrible conditions.
The night before the party the weather was only predicting about 3-6" in our area.....well when all was said in done we got about 10" and 40mph winds. Not a good combo....especially when your out of state guests need to get home. If I would have known they weather was going to get as bad as it did I would have told them to stay home.
The snow was dropping about 1" a hour. It was pretty to see but the amount of work that was needed to remove it all wasn't pretty. Thankfully I didn't have to go out n shovel. There were
areas that reports 4 foot drifts. YIKES!
Danny's crazy nurse showed up for work (on time) the next that is dedication for you :)
Sporting our new 3E T-shirts.
I was a great time ..... it's always is! In leau of gifts for Danny I asked that they bring gifts and/or food to be donated to the Local Domestic shelter The Harbor House again this year. We got a whole grey storage bin tub full of stuff that I dropped off on Monday. THANKS everyone for helping to make some else's Christmas alil brighter.
Thanks for stopping by to check on us. I will update again tomorrow on other things that have been going on with us. Just wanted to get Danny's party on here cuz I'm already behind. Please sign post a comment we LOVE to hear from you too.
Happ Holiday's

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Justin and Victoria Nelson said...

This is AWESOME!!! Love seeing all the kids together. =) We continue to lift you all up in prayer, and look forward to the updates.
Merry Christmas!
the Nelsons