Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Out with the Old In with the New

Christmas in our house was AMAZING. We spent our time together in our jammies, snacking the day away, playing with our new toys. It was wonderful not to run here n there with the holiday hustle n bustle. This tradition was put in play in 2008 when the kids had their surgeries in December and they were not healthy enough to go out for the holidays....and I LOVED it then. So....this will continue. It's all about the kids anyway, so why not let the older generations run around to the kids. Plus lets face it, it's not that easy to come n go here n there with my family :)
I can't say I'm disappointed to see 2010 in go, but I can say that I have high hopes that 2011 will bring better things for us. We are ending this year with most of us "on the mend". Dan was not himself over Christmas.....not pukey but very lethargic, Dan taking a nap multiple times a day, UM yah something is up. So I made a phone call and he was able to see the Dr Monday afternoon. He came back being on an antibiotic and they did lab work. It's never good when the Dr calls the next day (while he is on vacation) at 8:30pm to let Dan know he's very sick. I guess the cultures grew immediately, and his blood count was 20K. Now if you see him you'd never know he was ill, but that's Dan....LOL. As long as he continues to "feel better" on the antibiotic he's good to go. Everyday he seems to be better so we'll see how that goes.
Danny has been hit with the seizure monster lately so he will be having a 48 hour done starting on Monday. We will be heading up to Green Bay on Monday the 10th to see Danny's Neurologist, Dr Edgar for a ITB pump refill so hopefully he will have a chance to look at Danny's brain images before the appt. Then we can figure out what's going on in Lil Man's head. All I know is I hate the feeling of helplessness when he's having one as it looks so painful for him. It just breaks my heart :(
Danny's VEPTR rod lengthening has been rescheduled for April 1st -ha I hope that isn't a joke. This will buy alil more time for his body to recover still from this summer's surgeries and for him to grow some more to make the surgery more worth while.
I have been playing phone tag and having issues with paperwork with the doctors offices to schedule the med port placement. I'm hoping that after the contacts I had today that things have been taken care of and start to progress into my next journey. I'm not sure how long it is to wait to get the med port placed, but I know I can start the new med after the 17th of Jan as that will be the 30 days that I've been off all of the other MS meds that I've been on. So we'll see what happens.
Avrianna has she put it a "sleepover DIVA" ~ LOL. Since Sunday she's had someone sleepover or she's been sleeping over at someones house. She's been a busy girl :) Thankfully she is healthy (I'm knocking on wood right now, as I hope I didn't jinx myself). The weather has been wonderful for winter break so she's been playing outside alot. Burning off more energy..... I think last night was the first nite in a very LONG time where she asked if she could go to bed because she was tired ~ LOL
I hope that you all had a wonderful Christmas and have a Happy n HEALTHY New Year. Thanks for stopping in to check on us.

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