Sunday, November 29, 2009

Must be Sunday

Seems like every Sunday Danny likes to throw a few curve balls at us. Poor Aleana :( ...well at least she won't' get bored with us. Danny has been up since 2:30am and is breathing crappy. When will this pnuemonia stop!
Yesterday and today have been spa days around here. I gave everyone a hair cut including a cut n color to myself, heehee. Then when Avrianna was over at friends house I gave myself a pedi n manicure. AHhhhhhhhh! Looking and feeling good. Then we watched some movie's yesterday so it was pretty low key. Today we are going to attempt to make Kringla and Lesfe. YUM!
Thanksgiving was a blast here at The Osero household. We had 26 people here for dinner. I LOVED it, except that Danny was so off he couldn't come out of his room :( That made me very sad, but I spent alot of time in there with him. We had GREAT company and the food was amazing!
Our sleep over company :) Can't wait to have you guys over again!
Avrianna working very hard in her Fruit GobblerAll done! Well I just got off the phone with Dr K and we are going to start another antibiotic today as he just isn't improving and his cultures from Friday still weren't impressive. UGH! Bring on the diarrhea!

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